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Information for Vendors

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Vendors can now access invoice payment status as far back as 90 days using the Taxpayer Identification Number on the Vendor Invoice/Payment Status Lookup page.

Important Notice: Acceptance of an order from the University constitutes acceptance of all the terms and conditions associated with the type of order. Terms and conditions are subject to change. Current University of Virginia Purchasing Terms and Conditions can always be found on this website.

As per University policy, suppliers cannot register until they receive an invitation from the interested department.

eVA and the UVA Marketplace

Note: The following applies only to vendors providing goods and services to UVA. It does not apply to individuals registering as payees with UVA in order to be paid a reimbursement.

eVA is the Commonwealth of Virginia's eProcurement System. UVA hosts catalogs and delivers electronic orders through its own eProcurement System, the UVA Marketplace. However, state law requires that 75% of University purchasing dollars go to eVA-registered vendor ordering locations. Both vendors and UVA are assessed an eVA fee on all such orders, with some exceptions.

If your firm is not registered with eVA, UVA will be charged an additional eVA fee of 1% of the order amount, capped at $1,500, for any non-exempt orders placed with your firm. This will most likely place your business at a considerable competitive disadvantage when compared with other firms that are eVA-registered. Please note some important points below:

Registration with eVA

  • eVA is the state's eProcurement system.
  • While the University is not absolutely prohibited from doing business with a non-eVA-registered firm, there is a definite competitive advantage for eVA-Registered suppliers.
  • Vendors registering with eVA must separately register each location at which they wish to receive orders from the University. There is no additional charge for registering multiple ordering locations.
  • Firms may register with eVA at the eVA Vendor Information Center.
  • Registering for electronic delivery in eVA will not result in electronic order delivery for UVA Marketplace orders. See below for electronic order delivery from the Marketplace.

Registration with the University (UVA Marketplace)

  • The UVA Marketplace is the University of Virginia's eProcurement system.
  • For new vendors, registering with UVA will still be necessary even if you register your firm with eVA. UVA must obtain your payment and tax information directly from your firm in order to ensure prompt and accurate payment and tax reporting.
  • FAX or Email electronic order delivery for a particular ordering location may be requested when registering with UVA or adding an ordering location at UVA.
  • To receive orders by FAX from the UVA Marketplace, firms must monitor the FAX number provided during all normal business hours in order to process all Purchase Orders promptly.
  • To receive orders by Email from the UVA Marketplace, a firm's Email software must be able to accept HTML.

Matching Up eVA and UVA Marketplace Registrations

It is essential that each firm and each ordering location is registered in eVA with the same federal Tax Identification Number (TIN) and zip code as at UVA. A firm is identified by its TIN, and a location is identified by its zip code. EVA and UVA records must match in this regard.

EVA Transaction Fee

  • The vendor eVA transaction fee will be applied only to eVA-registered vendors.
  • The vendor eVA fee will be invoiced to the vendor by the Commonwealth of Virginia, Department of General Services, approximately 30 days after the order is issued.
  • The eVA Transaction Fee to vendors is:
    • DMBE-certified Small Businesses: 1%, capped at $500 per order.
    • Vendors that are not DMBE-certified Small Businesses: 1%, capped at $1,500 per order.
  • The eVA fee is not based on shipments or invoices, but rather on a percentage of the face amount of the Purchase Order (PO), including standing order POs. Liability for the full fee is incurred at the time the PO is issued, regardless of when the order is fulfilled.
  • Vendors may not recoup the vendor eVA Fee by invoicing it back to UVA. They may include this additional cost of doing business in prices quoted, or not, as best suits their business interests.
  • UVA does not receive any revenue from these fees. UVA also pays a corresponding agency eVA fee to the Commonwealth's Department of General Services. For vendors that are not eVA-registered, UVA pays both the vendor fee and the agency fee.
  • Certain types of purchase are exceptions to the eVA transaction fee. These exceptions are determined by the state. See eVA Exclusions list for current list of exceptions (also called exclusions, and exempt purchases).
  • There is a great deal of useful information about registration, billing and payment of the eVA fee, and the many advantages of eVA on their eVA Vendor Information Center.

Staying Current

To stay current if you are already doing business through Procurement Services:

To Register As a New Vendor at UVA

  • Visit the links on this page and become familiar with our policies and guidelines.
  • Complete and submit your Supplier Registration once you have received the email invitation to register. For difficulty with vendor registration, email us at or call 434-924-4212 - Select Option 1, and then Option 3.
  • You must register with UVA to be paid.
  • In order to be classified as a Minority- or Woman-owned or Small business, vendors must also be certified as such by the Virginia Department of Minority Business Enterprise (VDMBE). Vendors may request VDMBE certification at At least one price quotation from a VDMBE-certified Minority- or Woman-owned business is required for a non-contract purchase at any dollar level; qualified vendors who obtain certification will improve their exposure to the purchasing community at UVA.

Business Opportunities

  • Procurement Services uses our web site for all public postings as required by the Public Procurement Act in the Code of Virginia. See Invitations for Bid and Requests for Proposal. Additional UVA business opportunities related to major construction projects and significant professional services contracts may be found on Facilities Planning and Construction Department web site.
  • University contracts and Sole Source and Emergency Procurements are also viewable on this web site.
  • A computer is available in our lobby at Carruthers Hall and staff are available if needed to assist in printing out paper copies of solicitations and awards.
  • All RFPs are also posted on the eVA Virginia Business Opportunities web site.
  • If you have questions about a particular procurement, contact the buyer named in the procurement. If you have questions or comments about our public postings, please contact our Contracts Administratorpopup .

Procurement Policy

All UVA procurement activities are subject to to the laws of the Commonwealth and are conducted in accordance with the policies of the Virginia Association of State College and University Purchasing Professionals (VASCUPP). These policies are published in the Purchasing Manual for Institutions of Higher Education and their Vendors.

Keep Current / Get Help

To update your information in our database, please follow this link:


To obtain a Sales Tax and Use Exemption Certificate, email us at


For difficulty with vendor registration, call 434-924-4212 - Select Option 1, and then Option 3.