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Training for UVA Staff

University Purchasing and Accounts Payable System and Policy Training

Training for the Purchasing and Accounts Payable Modules of the Integrated System, UVa Marketplace, and general purchasing and accounts payable-related training can be found here on this page.  

University Travel and Expense Card On-line Training/Certification

Travel and Expense Card applicants are required to complete on-line Travel and Expense Card training and their Authorizer is also required to certify they understand the policies governing the program before a Cardholder application can be submitted. 

To keep a Travel and Expense Card, Cardholders are required to take the on-line Travel and Expense Card training annually and their Authorized Approver must certify annually that they understand the policies governing the program. 

Cardholders and Authorizers will receive an email reminder approximately one month prior to the expiration date of their training/certification. If annual training/certification is not completed by the Cardholder and Authorizer, the card will be automatically suspended.

Please click here to access the On-line Travel and Expense Card Training/Certification

Departmental Visitations

Procurement and Supplier Diversity Services staff regularly visit University departments to promote best practices for purchasing and payment. The visitations provide a valuable opportunity for departmental users to learn more about the procurement process and discuss their particular needs in an informal atmosphere.

To schedule a visitation for your department, please contact our Customer Service Representative.popup