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University Surplus Property

All University property considered surplus, excess, or unwanted must be disposed of through a University approved disposal process.  


Note: This information does not apply to the UVA College at Wise. Please visit their website for information about their Surplus Property disposal process.

There are a number of things departments should consider before surplusing items.  Please review the list and follow the procedures under UVA Staff Access. This area of our website is only accessible through NetBadge.

There are two types of surplus property at the University. 

  1. Computer/Electronic Surplus, which is any electronic equipment and devices that has previously or may now contain University data. 
  2. General, which is all other equipment, furniture, appliances, vehicles, etc.

Methods of Disposal/Purchase

There are several methods of disposal and ways to purchase University surplus property.

  1. Computer/Electronic Surplus must be disposed of through eCycleSecure or transferred to another University department. The University does not allow for this type of equipment or devices to be sold or transferred outside the University.  

    In order to protect the security of information that may have been stored on various types of electronic equipment and devices, the University requires that all such property, when no longer needed at the University, be disposed of through eCycleSecure, whose contract with the University specifically addresses government and corporate governance as related to end-of-life technology and the issues associated with ensuring appropriate data security and privacy protections. This solution incorporates chain of custody, HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley and DOD-approved data sanitization methodologies, and zero landfill recycling policies. All property disposed of through this process is managed in an EPA licensed facility, following EPA green guidelines.  These items are not available for resale to the general public.

  2. General surplus can be disposed of by JLR Auctions, donated to an approved organization, or transferred to another University department or agency of the Commonwealth or political subdivision. 

  • JLR will dispose of all items for surplus other than those disposed of by eCycleSecure as specified above.  JLR will coordinate with departments to ensure the most cost effective disposal method is used. Items may be sold in place or picked up from departments by JLR staff for offsite disposal.  Items, whether sold in place or offsite, may be purchased on-line.  Anyone, including staff and students, can view items at auction and register as a bidder at  Entering "University" in the word search field provides the best response.  All buyers, other than University departments, are responsible for picking up items at the specified location.  The location will either be somewhere ongrounds or at JLR\'s warehouse located at 384 Industrial Drive, Ruckersville, VA 22968. JLR will deliver items purchased for University use to the department making the purchase.   When purchasing for University use, a University Purchasing Card is the only acceptable payment method. Please contact Ron Leftwich at 540-270-7363 or if you have questions. 
  • Procurement and Supplier Diversity Services must approve donations. Organizations may apply to Procurement and Supplier Diversity Services to be recipients of donations. Organizations must have 501C3 tax exempt status, and serve at risk youth or the elderly.
  • Additional details are available under UVA Staff Access for departments on how to transfer or sale to another University Department, Agency of the Commonwealth or Political Subdivision, or Approved Institution. Agencies of the Commonwealth, political subdivisions, and other approved institutions should work directly with the University department with whom they will receive the items from. The University department must receive approval from Surplus Property before making a transfer.



If you have questions or need assistance, please contact  -

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