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Requests for Proposal

Questions related to RFPs should be directed to the buyer named in the RFP as the University's official contact.

Additional UVA business opportunities, including but not restricted to those related to major construction projects, may be found on Facilities Management's web site.


Addenda may be posted up until the closing date of the RFP. The RFP and addenda documents referenced on this page may contain links to other documents. These additional documents are also part of the RFP. It is the firm's responsibility to review the entire RFP prior to the firm's submittal of a proposal.


Name & RFP NumberIssue Date and TimeClosing Date and TimeWeights
University Leased Aircraft Maintenance and Repair
RFP #HH062317 (.pdf)
Jun 23, 2017
3:00 PM
Jul 18, 2017
3:00 PM
WEIGHTS: Leased Aircraft Maintenance and Repair
Market Research
RFP #MW061517 (.pdf)
Jun 15, 2017
3:00 PM
Jul 12, 2017
3:00 PM
Weights: Marketing Research
Cremation Services
RFP #KF060117 (.pdf)
Jun 1, 2017
1:00 PM
Jun 28, 2017
3:00 PM
Weights: Cremation Services
Research and Development Goods and Services (Generation 2)
RFP #KF042916 (2) (.pdf)
Vendor Proposal Contracting Form (.pdf)
Research and Development Goods and Services (Original RFP) (.pdf)
Jan 6, 2017
1:00 PM
Jun 29, 2017
3:00 PM


Name & RFP NumberClosing DateWeightsAwarded To
Occupational Health and Safety Training Support Services
RFP #FM051717
May 31, 2017WEIGHTS: Occupational Health and Safety Training Support Services 
Creative Services
RFP #MW050417
Preproposal Conference List
May 24, 2017Weights: Creative Services 
Demolition and Site Improvements
RFP #JG042017
May 17, 2017Weights: Demolition and Site Improvements 
Athletics Video Analysis
RFP #KC050117
May 15, 2017Weights: Athletics Video Analysis 
Laboratory Casework, Fume Hoods and Accessories
RFP #FM032917
May 1, 2017Weights: Laboratory Casework, Fume Hoods and Accessories 
Campbell Hall Cabinetry, Casework, Wood and Furnishings
RFP #JG040417
April 25, 2017Weights: Campbell Hall Cabinetry Casework WoodKarn Custom Woodwork, Inc.
University Trademark Licensing Plan
RFP #SH032817
April 25, 2017Weights: University Trademark Licensing PlanFermata Partners, LLC
Executive/Academic/Healthcare Search Firms
RFP #END040317
April 24, 2017Multiple Firms
Clemons Library Brick Work
RFP #HH032117
Shop Drawings for Stair Treads
April 10, 2017Weights:Clemons Library Brick Work 
McLeod Hall Scaffolding
RFP #JG030217
March 16, 2017Weights: McLeod Hall Scaffolding  
Custodial Services
RFP #DM121516
Attachment 6: Pricing Schedule
February 7, 2017Weights: Custodial ServicesBuilding Maintenance Service, LLC
Swimming Pool Bulkheads
RFP #JG121616
January 26, 2017Weights: Swimming Pool BulkheadsNATARE CORPORATION
Masonry, Concrete, Waterproofing, and Related Trades
RFP #JG010417
January 25, 2017Weights: Masonry, Concrete, Waterproofing, and Related Trades 
Media Buying and Public Relations Services
RFP #MW121616
January 24, 2017Weights: Media Buying and Public Relations Services

List of Awards

Event Management Services for the University of Virginia Bicentennial Launch
RFP #KC1799674
Map of the Lawn with distances
Available power on the Lawn
JPJ Event Technical/Production Guide
January 20, 2017Weights: Event Management Services for the University of Virginia Bicentennial LaunchFilament Productions
DI Water Systems Maintenance and Repair
RFP #HH120916
January 13, 2017Weights: DI Water Systems Maintenance and RepairVirginia Water Systems
Arena and Stadium Management
RFP #KC1779562
December 12, 2016Weights: Arena and Stadium Management SMG
Campaign Readiness Assessment
RFP #MW111816
December 7, 2016Weights - Campaign Readiness AssessmentGrenzebach Glier and Associates
RFP #MC092716
October 25, 2016Weights: eDiscoveryZovy
Consolidated Budgeting, Forecasting and Analytics Tool
RFP #MW070816
Conference Participants
Pre-Proposal Conference Summary
August 8, 2016Weights: CBAT 
Sports Turf Repair, Replacement and Maintenance Services
RFP #FM062816
Record Drawings 001
Complete Manual 002
Feasibility Analysis 003
Test Report 2014 004
Photos 005
August 5, 2016Weights: Sports Turf RepairCarolina Green Corporation
RFP #JG072116
August 4, 2016Weights: COAL 
Research and Development Goods and Services
RFP #KF042916
Vendor Proposal Contracting Form
July 15, 2016Multiple
Painting Services
RFP #FM051316
June 10, 2016Painting Services WeightsPiedmont Paint & Finish LLC,
United Painting Plus, Inc.,
J & A Painting, Inc.
Mechanical Air Balancing
RFP #DM042616
June 7, 2016Mechanical Balancing Services WeightsAtlantic Testing and Balancing, Inc.
C&W-Tesco, Inc.
Palmetto Air & Water Balance-Raleigh, Inc.
Title IX Investigators and Hearing Chairs
RFP #LP051116
May 24, 2016Weights: Title IX 
UVa Economic Impact Study
RFP #END032316
April 13, 2016UVa Economic Impact Study WeightsTripp Umbach, Inc.
Fireworks at Scott Stadium
RFP #JG030116
March 29, 2016 
Office Furniture and Related Services
RFP #LP020816
March 17, 2016Office Furniture & Related Services Weight 
Housekeeping and Janitorial Supplies
RFP #HH012016
March 15, 2016Housekeeping & Janitorial Supplies WeightsDaycon Products Company
Recruitment / Communication Strategy for Prospective African-American High School Students
RFP #MW012016
Questions and Responses
Vendor List
February 16, 2016Recruitment / Communication Strategy WeightsWhiteboard Higher Education
VASCUPP Conference & Event Planning Services
RFP #LP010516
January 15, 2016Conf. & Events WeightsHayes Group, LLC
Chiller Removal/Salvage
RFP #FM110415
Cancelation Letter
December 2, 2015Chiller Removal/Slavage WeightsCANCELED
Newcomb Road Chiller Plant: 480V Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Systems
RFP #JG102615
November 11, 2015VFD WeightsDelta Automation, Inc.
Thermal Insulation Services
RFP #DM101615
November 3, 2015Thermal Insulation Services - WeightsC. E. Thurston & Sons, Inc.
Old Dominion Insulation, Inc.
Southern Thermal Solutions, Inc.
Waco Inc.
Memorial Gym Graphics
RFP #HH081215
September 9, 2015Memorial Gym Graphics WeightsDesigned Evolution
Integrated Space Planning Consulting Services
RFP #LP071315
July 31, 2015Planning Consulting Services WeightsLatimer Health Strategies, LLC
Parking Garage Washdown
RFP #JG063015
July 14, 2015Parking Garage Washdown - WeightsCORPORATE MAINTENANCE GROUP,
Hauling and Excavating Services
RFP #HH061715
July 1, 2015Hauling and Excavating WeightsF. Clalton Plecker & Sons, Inc.
Green Stone Materials, LLC
Laundry Services
RFP #DM050115
June 2, 2015Laundry Services WeightsCaldwell & Gregory Inc.
Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Automatic Tube Cleaning System
RFP #FM042915
May 28, 2015WeightsInnovas Technologies LLC
Waltz Engineered Sales, Inc.
Lacrosse Equipment
RFP #FF020615
Lacrosse Equipment Addendum #1
March 6, 2015WeightsBrine, a division of Warrior Sports
STX, LLC, a Maryland limited liability company
High Temperature Universal Materials Testing Machine
RFP #MW022415
March 6, 2015Testing Machine WeightsADMET, Inc.
Multi-Media Rights Plan for University Athletics
RFP #SH020915
VSP FY15-FY16 Account Summary
March 5, 2015Multimedia WeightsOUTFRONT Media Sports Inc.
Provision of PMT Materials
RFP #KF010915
February 11, 2015WeightsUnited Tissue Network, Science Care, Lone Tree
Captioning & Interpretation Services
RFP #LP122214
January 7, 2015WeightsAlternative Communication Services,
American Sign Language, Inc.,
Civic Access,
Deaf Access Solutions,
Karasch & Associates,
Sign Language Professionals, Inc.,
VITAC Corporation
Building Materials and Related Supplies
RFP #DM111914
December 17, 2014WeightsBlue Ridge Builders Supply
Commonwealth Building Materials Inc.
Skyline Brick LLC
Wilson Ready Mix LLC
Horizontal Directional Drilling/Boring Services
RFP #FM102314
November 17, 2014Drilling WeightsG & L Underground Inc., Commonwealth Excavating, Inc.
Wilson Hall Renewal Project
RFP #JG091014
Attachment 3
Attachment 4
September 30, 2014Wilson Hall Weights 
Operational Building Cabling & General Services
RFP #HH080714
Attachment 4
September 4, 2014Operational Building Cabling & General Services WeightsBurkholder Communications,
Piedmont Telesystems, Inc.
Spark Plasma Sintering System
RFP #FF081514
August 29, 2014SPS System WeightsGT Advanced Thermal Sapphire Systems Group LLC
c3Design: An Interactive Online Class, Course, and Curriculum Design Tool
RFP #KF062314
Q & A's - 07/21/14
July 25, 2014c3Design WeightsFull Tilt Ahead, LLC
Solid Waste/Debris Collection and Disposal Services
RFP #FM042814
June 9, 2014Solid Waste WeightsCancelled
Long Term Evaluation of The University’s Alumni Base
RFP #END041114
Q & A's - 4/16/14
Q & A's - 04/24/14
Q & A's - 04/25/14
Q & A's - 04/28/14
May 9, 2014Alumni Base WeightsGallup, Inc.
Bulk Fuel for Parking and Transportation
RFP #DM041614
May 9, 2014Bulk Fuel WeightsTiger Fuel Company
Sanitary Sewer/Storm Water Piping Rehabilitation Services
RFP #FM021914
March 21, 2014Sanitary-Sewer WeightsTri-State Utilities Company, Inc.
Dynamic Drain Technologies LLC
Web Design, Interactive Media, and Digital Communication Services
RFP #MW022114 NOTE: RFP Preproposal Conference has been rescheduled for Wed., March 5th, at 1:00 p.m. EST due to inclement weather. The conference call number is 1-605-475-5920; the access code is 6525372. The meeting is conference call only.
Preproposal Audio
Addendum 001
March 18, 2014Web Design Weights•Phase 1 (University Career Services portion)

•Phase 2
-AMP Agency
-Digital Pulp
-Hodgson Consulting
-Journey Group
-Paramore Digital
-Weber Shandwick
Residence Hall Furniture
RFP #LP122013
Addendum 001
January 21, 2014Residence Furniture Weights 
Audio and Visual Services for Special Events
RFP #DM111813
Addendum 001
Preproposal Attendees
December 19, 2013AV Special Event WeightsDDS Video Productions, Inc. d/b/a Filament Productions
Architectural-Engineering Drawing File Printing and Management (reissued)
RFP #HH102413
December 5, 2013AE WeightsT & N Printing, Inc.
Supplemental Security Personnel Services
RFP #FM102913
November 11, 2013Security WeightsMillenium Security Company
Furnish and Deliver Materials/Supplies
RFP #RFP #HH091913
November 1, 2013Materials/Supplies WeightsApex Controls
Eck Supply
Mayer Electric
Noland Company
Ferguson Enterprises
Capital Tristate
Dining Services
RFP #MC090513
Addendum 001
Addendum 002
October 30, 2013Dining WeightsAramark Educational Services, LLC
Bikeshare System
RFP #FF092013
Addendum 001
October 28, 2013Bikeshare WeightsSocial Bicycles, Inc.
Chairback Stadium Seating Services
RFP #KC092713
Addendum 001
October 18, 2013Chairback WeightsIMG College Seating
Construction and Design Project Management Software
RFP #JG091613
October 16, 2013CDPMS Weightse-Builder, Inc.
John Paul Jones Arena – Heat Plant Improvements
RFP #DM091113
Preproposal Conference Attendees
October 15, 2013JPJ Heat Plant WeightsBrady Trane Service Inc. & Houghtaling Associates, Inc.
Office Supplies
RFP #KF082613
Preproposal Conference Sign in
October 4, 2013Office Supply WeightsThe Supply Room Companies, Inc.
Architectural and Engineering Drawing File Printing and Management
RFP #HH090513
October 3, 2013A&E WeightsCANCELLED
Strategic Planning Consulting Services
RFP #MW072613
NOTE: Preproposal Conference 8/8/13, 10:00 AM
Clinical Enterprise Strategy
August 23, 2013SOM WeightsNavigant Healthcare
eCommerce Catering Concierge
RFP #FF061813
Additional Information
July 11, 2013eCommerce Catering WeightsAmerica To Go LLC.
Even Toed Ungulates
RFP #FF060613
June 17, 2013Even Toed WeightsArcher Farms and Mary Baugher
UVA school of Law Window Replacement
RFP #HH051713
Addendum 001
May 28, 2013Law Window WeightsDodson Glass and Mirror
Media Relations Training
RFP #LP041913
Addendum 001
May 16, 2013Media Training Weights 
Hemophilia Health Services 340B Contract Pharmacy Program
RFP #KC031213
April 11, 2013Hemophilia WeightsRed Chip Enterprises
Massive Open Online Course Videographer Services
RFP #KF031813
April 4, 2013MOOC WeightsCrush LLC.
Paladin Pictures Inc.
TriVision Studios
Unboxed Technology
Affirmative Action Software
RFP #KF030513
April 2, 2013Affirm Action WeightsBerkshire Associates
Landscape Maintenance Services
RFP #DM020813
Preproposal Conference Attendees
March 13, 2013Landscape WeightsBrice Lawn Service, LLC, Messer Landscape, Inc., and RSG Landscaping & Lawn Care, Inc.
Radiopharmacy Equipment
RFP #FF121312
Questions and Answers
January 10, 2013Radiopharmacy WeightsCentral Research Laboratories, Comecer, Eckert & Ziegler Eurotope, Eckert & Ziegler Radiopharma
New Employee Orientation eLearning Modules
RFP #MW111212
Addendum 001
December 6, 2012New Employee WeightsIntegrated Performance Solutions, Inc.
Uniform Rental, Lease, and Purchase
RFP #HH101212
Addendum 001
November 27, 2012Uniform WeightsStaunton Steam Laundry, Inc. and Haberdasher Corporate Apparel, LLC.
Enterprise Data Management and Reporting Systems
RFP #FM092512
Preproposal Conference Attendees
Addenum 001
Addendum 002
November 7, 2012WeightsCross Automation
5.9 GHz Dedicated Short Range Communication Vehicle Based Road and Weather Condition Application
RFP #MW100112B
Addendum 001
Questions and Answers
October 26, 2012Weather WeightsSynesis Partners
Traffic Management Centers in a Connected Vehicle Environment
RFP #MW100112A
Questions and Answers
October 26, 2012Traffic WeightsKimley-Horn
Dining Services Consulting
RFP #FF071212
Firm's Questions and Answers
August 9, 2012Dining Consult WeightsFoodservice Consultants Studio
Snow and/or Ice Removal Services
RFP #DM071112
July 31, 2012Snow Ice WeightsParham Construction and Rose Hauling
John Paul Jones Basketball Floor
RFP #JG062612
July 19, 2012Basketball Floor WeightsTwin Oaks Community, Inc.
XML Conversion & Storage Platform
RFP #FF062912
Vendor Questions and Answers
July 16, 2012XML WeightsworkMETHODS Solutions, Inc.
Banking Services
RFP #SH052512
Banking Services (.docx)
Addendum 001
Addendum 002
July 5, 2012Banking Services Weights 
Surplus Management Services
RFP #MW050912
June 6, 2012Surplus WeightsJLR Auctions Asset Bridge
Executive/Academic/Healthcare Search Firms
RFP #END030812
April 2, 2012multiple firms (38)
Undergraduate Admissions Recruitment Management System
RFP #MW021512
March 14, 2012UARMS WeightsHobsons
Mobile Website and Application Development
RFP #MW022312
Addendum 001
March 12, 2012Mobile Website WeightsNewCity and WillowTree
Broadband Communication Services
RFP #MW012712
Broadband Weights
February 28, 2012Broadband WeightsEastern Shore of Virginia Broadband Authority and Lumos Networks, Inc.
Newcomb Hall Furniture for 3rd Floor Alcoves, Theater Lobby and Southeast Terrace
RFP #LP021412
February 23, 2012Newcomb Furniture WeightsJMJ Corporation & Veneman Furniture
Water Treatment Services
RFP #DM011012
Preproposal Attendees
Addendum One
February 21, 2012Water Treatment WeightsNalco Company, and Southeastern Laboratories, Inc.
Custodial Services for Athletic Events and Facilities
RFP #FM012012
February 21, 2012Athletic Event WeightsAmerican Servco Inc.
Pouring Rights
RFP #KC111811
Addendum 001
Addendum 002
February 1, 2012Pouring WeightsPepsi-Cola Bottling Company of Central Virginia, Inc.
Custodial Services
RFP #FM110711
Addendum 001
December 7, 2011Custodial WeightsL. T. Services, Inc. and Turner's Cleaning Service
Multi-Modal Intelligent Traffic Signal System
RFP #MW111011
Questions and Answers
December 7, 2011Traffic Signal WeightsUniversity of Arizona
Baseball Equipment
RFP #FF110211
November 21, 2011Baseball WeightsRawlings Sporting Goods
Classroom Facilities in Northern Virginia
RFP #KC101411
November 7, 2011Classroom WeightsWaterview Conference Center
Financial Aid Consulting Services
RFP #MW091311
October 7, 2011Financial Aid WeightsArt & Science Group
Faculty Compensation Plan
RFP #MW092211
October 5, 2011Faculty Comp WeightsThe Chartis Group, LLC
Special Event Equipment Rental Service
RFP #DM082411
Addendum 001
September 21, 2011Special Events WeightsTCS Event Rentals
RFP #KC041911
Minibus Questions/Answers
Addendum 001
September 20, 2011Minibus WeightsK Neal International Trucks, Inc.
Chimney Repairs
RFP #JG081911
Addendum 001
September 15, 2011Chimney WeightsMartin Horn, Inc.
Computer Numerical Control Machine Tool
RFP #FF073011
August 12, 2011CNC WeightsAmtek Company, Inc.
C.R. Onsrud, Inc.,
Phillips Corporation dba Jefferys Manufacturing Solutions,
Masteel America Corporation
Elevator Testing
RFP #HH071211
Addenda 001
August 10, 2011Elevator Testing WeightsW&H Resources (Priority Elevator)
Library Binding Services
RFP #MW070811
Addendum 001
August 5, 2011Binding WeightsBridgeport National Bindery, Inc.
Cooling Towers and Heat Exchangers – Supplies and/or Services
RFP #DM062011
July 27, 2011Cooling Tower WeightsCT/HX, LLC.
Academic Credentialing Services
RFP #MW062211
Addendum 001
Preproposal List of Attendees
Addendum 002
July 25, 2011Academic Credentialing WeightsNational Student Clearinghouse
Flow Cytometry: Equipment, Accessories, Upgrades, Consumables and Maintenance
RFP #FF053111
Flow Cytometry Weights
June 16, 2011Flow Cytometry Weights"PO-Only" awards: BD Bioscience and Cytek Development
Aurora Printing Plates and Plate Processor
RFP #CK042911
May 23, 2011Printing Plates WeightsGE Richards Graphic Supplies of VA, Inc.
Newcomb Hall 3rd Floor Misc Furniture
RFP #LP042611
May 6, 2011Newcomb Hall Furniture WeightsNew Day Office Products & Furnishings
RFP #JG022211
March 29, 2011Coal WeightsCoal Network, Inc.

Food Service at Mountain Lake Biological Station
RFP #KC011311
February 7, 2011Mt. Lake WeightsJB Brewing, Inc.
Solid Waste / Debris Collection, Recycling and Disposal Services
RFP #FM120910
Preproposal Conference Attendees
Addendum 001
January 31, 2011Trash WeightsUpdike Industries, Inc. & Sonoco Recycling, Inc.
Aftermarket IntelliDriveSM On-Board Equipment
RFP #MW120910A
January 28, 2011Aftermarket IntelliDrive WeightsVisteon Corporation
Certification Program for IntelliDriveSM
RFP #MW121010B
January 28, 2011Certification WeightsOmni Air
Housing Access Controls
RFP #HH010611
Addendum 001
January 26, 2011Access WeightsAcme Technical Group LLC, Architectural Products of Virginia and Lunsford Total Access
Piedmont Housing Window Replacement
RFP #DM120710
Preproposal Conference Attendees
Addendum 001
Piedmont Housing Map
January 19, 2011Window WeightsC'ville Construction
Travel Management Services
RFP #KC110210
December 15, 2010Travel WeightsAnthony Travel
Online Booking Engine for Lodging Reservations
RFP #KC111210
December 7, 2010Online Booking WeightsJackRabbit Systems LLC
Voice Infrastructure
RFP #SH102210
RFP #SH102210 (.doc)
Voice Infrastructure Question Deadline is November 9, 2010
Preproposal Conference Attendees
Voice Questions and Answers
November 22, 2010Voice Infrastructure Weights• Telephony/Main Call Control to
o BroadSoft, Inc. of Gaithersburg, MD
• Trunking Services to
o CenturyLink Sales Solutions, Inc. of Mansfield, OH
• Fiber Optic Cable IRU Services to
o Fiberlight, LLC of Alpharetta, GA
• Other Goods and Services to:
o DISYS Solutions, Inc. of Chantilly, VA
o SyCom Technologies, Inc. of Richmond, VA
o LUMOS Networks, Inc. of Waynesboro, VA
Tayloe Murphy Center Marketing and Media Relations
RFP #FF110310
Preproposal Conference Attendees
November 22, 2010Tayloe Murphy WeightsThe Ivy Group, and Payne, Ross & Associates
Heat Plant Window Replacement
RFP #HH100810
Addendum 001
November 19, 2010HPWeightsDodson Glass & Mirror
Miscellaneous Furniture/Millwork for ITE (Rice Hall) and CAS Research Building
RFP #LP092910
October 13, 2010ITE/CAS WeightsAmerican Office and Creative Office Environments
Brand Strategy for the Miller Center of Public Affairs
RFP #JM090310
September 17, 2010Miller Center WeightsThe Glover Park Group, LLC
Branding and Communication Services for the Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy
RFP #LP090310
Addendum 001
September 16, 2010Batten WeightsLipman Hearne
Cooling Tower Refurbishment
RFP #HH082010
Additional Specifications
September 15, 2010Cooling WeightsSandBlast America
Chemical Cleaning of the Heat Plant Boilers
RFP #JG072110
Addendum 001
August 5, 2010WeightsRocky Mountain Industrial Services
Dynamic Rollover Test System
RFP #FF071910
July 30, 2010WeightsCustom Machine
Emergency Generator Maintenance Program
RFP #DM061510
July 20, 2010Generator WeightsCarter Machinery Company, Inc. and Fidelity Engineering Corporation
Alderman Library Asian Reading Room Furniture
RFP #LP052010
June 2, 2010Asian WeightsJMJ Corporation
Comprehensive Relocation Assistance
RFP #CK051110
May 27, 2010WeightsLexicon Relocation
Sideline Beverage and Promotional Rights for Athletics
RFP #KC042810
April 28, 2010Sideline Weights 
On-Going Maintenance and Repair of University Owned Aircraft
RFP #FF032310
April 15, 2010Aircraft WeightsCapital Aviation
Men’s and Women’s Lacrosse Equipment
RFP #FF032410
April 15, 2010Lacrosse WeightsGait/deBeer Lacrosse
Housing Bathroom Waterproofing
RFP #HH022210
Addendum 001
Preproposal Conference Attendees
March 24, 2010WeightsLine-X Custom Coatings of Virginia
Laboratory Casework, Fume Hoods and Accessories
RFP #FM031110
March 23, 2010Lab WeightsNew Enlgand Laboratory Casework Co., Inc., Nycom, Inc., Virginia School Equipment Co. - Gallagher Stone, and VWR International
Marketing, Communications and Advertising Services – Darden School of Business
RFP #LP021710
Addenda 001
Preproposal Conference Attendees
Darden e-mail blasts
Darden MBA for Execs application e-email
Darden Ad – Mr. Fox Quote
Darden MBA Execs Brochure
Marketing Examples for Addendum 001.
March 11, 2010Darden WeightsRDW Group
Medical Program Administrative Services and Pharmacy Program Administrative Services
RFP #SH121809
RFP #SH121809 (.doc)
Addendum 001
February 17, 2010WeightsAetna Life Insurance Co., and Catalyst RX
Laboratory Casework, Fume Hoods and Accessories
RFP #FM011510
Preproposal Conference Attendees
February 17, 2010Lab Casework WeightsCancelled
Point of Care Clinical Information Resource
RFP #MW011410
RFP #MW011410 (.doc)
February 12, 2010POC WeightsUpToDate
Astronomical Grism(s)
RFP #FF011310
January 28, 2010Grism WeightsCancelled
Investigating the Potential Benefits of Broadcasted Signal Phase and Timing (SPAT) Data under IntelliDriveSM
RFP #MW120409A
Addendum 001
January 15, 2010Spat WeightsUniversity of California @Berkeley
Investigation of Pavement Maintenance Support Applications of IntelliDriveSM
RFP #MW120409B
Addendum 001
January 15, 2010Pavement WeightsAuburn University
Miscellaneous Furniture for Bavaro Hall
RFP #LP121709
Addendum One
January 15, 2010Bavaro WeightsJMJ Corporation and Creative Office Environments
Economizer Installation for Boiler #2R - Heat Plant
RFP #DM111809
Preproposal Conference Attendees
One Section of Nine Vertical Coils
All Nine Vertical Coils in Shipping Crate
January 6, 2010Economizer WeightsMcGraw-Morgan, Inc.
Relocation Services
RFP #CK#110909
Preproposal Conference Attendees
Addendum 001
December 2, 2009Relocation WeightsAmerican of Virginia/Atlas, Hillrup Companies/United, Young Moving and Storage/United, and Premier Transfer/Mayflower.
Copeley 1 and II Sliding Glass Door Replacement
RFP #HH102009
Addendum 001
Preproposal Attendees
November 18, 2009Door WeightsDodson Glass and Mirror
DI Water System Maintenance and Repair
RFP #HH082009
Preproposal Attendees
September 30, 2009DI Water WeightsVirginia Water Systems
Motor Coach
RFP #KC090209
September 29, 2009Motor Coach WeightsDaimler Buses North America
Video Microscopy Imaging System
RFP #FF091409
September 28, 2009Video Microscopy WeightsInstrumentation Marketing Corp.
Consolidated Budgeting, Financial Reporting and Analytics System
RFP #MW073109
Preproposal Conference Attendees
Addendum One
September 8, 2009CBFRAS WeightsClarity USA
Commercial Dust Collection System
RFP #FF082109
Questions and Answers
September 4, 2009Commerical Dust WeightsSwaim & Associates
Zebrafish/Amphibian Aquatic Habitat(s)
RFP #FF072309
Additional Information and Pictures
August 17, 2009Zebrafish/Amphibian WeightsAquaneering Incorporated (Primary) and Aquatic Habitats,Inc. (Secondary)
In-Print Monographs and Related Services
RFP #MW071009
August 7, 2009In-Print WeightsCoutts Information Services
Pavilion X Exterior Restoration
RFP #JG070209
July 20, 2009Pavilion X WeightsBensonwood
Car Share Program
RFP #KC061209
July 9, 2009Car WeightsZIPCAR
Copeley I and II Window Replacement
RFP #HH060309
Preproposal Attendees
July 1, 2009Windows WeightsDodson Glass and Mirror
Compensation, Retirement, and Benefits Consulting and Advisory Services
RFP #SH052809
June 22, 2009Benefits WeightsAon Hewitt of Richmond, VA; CapTrust Financial Advisors of Richmond, VA; The Segal Company of Washington, DC; and Titan Group of Richmond, VA
Dental Program Administrative Services
RFP #FF052009
Dental RFP (word version)
Additional Information
Dental Census
June 11, 2009Dental WeightsUCCI Companies, Inc.
Development of an Affirmative Action Plan
RFP #KC050809
Questions & Answers
Additional Information
Addendum 001
May 28, 2009Affirmative WeightsPeopleclick
Book Printing and Binding Services
RFP #CK043009
Addendum 001
May 27, 2009Book WeightsCadmus Journal Service, Maple Press Company, Progress Printing, RR Donnelley, Sheridan Press, and Thomson Shore
Sports Turf Repair, Replacement and Maintenance Services
RFP #FM042209
May 20, 2009Turf WeightsCarolina Green Corp.
Cyclotron Laboratory for Production of Radiolabeled Imaging Agents
RFP #SH041709
Addendum 001
May 19, 2009Cyclotron WeightsSiemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc and PETNET of Knoxville, TN.
Painting Services
RFP #JG040309
Additional Information
Preproposal Conference Attendees
May 6, 2009Paint WeightsAlexander Painting, J & A Painting, and United Painting
Miscellaneous Furniture for South Lawn Projects
RFP #LP040709
Revised Attachment 3
Addendum 001
April 23, 2009South Lawn WeightsAmerican Office and Creative Office Environments
Child Care Services
RFP #FF032509
Additional Information
April 21, 2009Child Care WeightsBright Horizons Children’s Centers LLC
Federal Relations Consulting Services
RFP #SH021809
Addendum 001
March 20, 2009Lewis-Burke Associates LLC of Washington, DC.
Acoustical Ceiling & Resilient Flooring
RFP #FM012809
Addendum 001
February 13, 2009Ceiling Floor WeightsCommonwealth Interiors
Relocation Services for Medical Research Building
RFP #FF012309
February 3, 2009MR6 WeightsThe Hilldrup Companies
Used Motor Coach
RFP #FF102708
Addendum 001
January 29, 2009Motor Coach WeightsCancelled
Executive Coaching and Consulting Services
RFP #LP121908
Addendum 001
January 16, 2009Coach WeightsPhilosophy IB
Mechanical Air Balancing
RFP #DM112008
January 14, 2009Mechanical WeightsMechanical Balancing & Palmetto Air & Water Balance-Raleigh
Pest Control Services for Academic & Health System Buildings
RFP #DM102308
Preproposal Conference Attendees
December 10, 2008Pest WeightsDodson Brothers Exterminating Co.
Disease Management Program Services
RFP #SH103008
Addendum 001
November 20, 2008Disease WeightsCancelled
Elevator Maintenance Program
RFP #JG101408
Preproposal Conference Attendees
Addendum 001
Addendum 002
November 18, 2008Elevator WeightsUVA Facilities Management
Residence Hall Furniture
RFP #LP102208
Addendum 001
November 7, 2008Residence WeightsDCI Furniture, Foliot Furniture, Mastercraft Specialties, Blockhouse and Designs For Livin
Box Office Ticketing Software
RFP #MW091008
October 9, 2008Box Office WeightsTessitura Network
Biconic Mirrors
RFP #FF073008
August 28, 2008Biconic WeightsAxsys Technologies
Interior Design Services Miller Center of Public Affairs Forum Room and Forum Anteroom
RFP #LP081208
Addendum 001
Preproposal Conference Attendees
August 27, 2008Miller Center WeightsGlave and Holmes Associates
Employee Performance Management Software
RFP #MW071508
Preproposal Conference Attendees
August 7, 2008Employee WeightsSoftscape
RFP #FM70108
August 5, 2008Backhoe WeightsCarter Machinery Co., Inc.
Replace Water Heaters - Jordan Hall
RFP #DF041708
May 14, 2008Water Heater WeightsValley Boiler, Inc.
Replace Five Air Handler Units
RFP #DF032708
Addendum 001
May 7, 2008WeightsSouthern Air
Remanufactured Systems Furniture for Radiology
RFP #LP042508
Furniture Plan, Floor 1
Furniture Plan, Floor 2
May 5, 2008WeightsJMJ Corporation
Animal Husbandry
RFP #FF022108
Addendum One
March 27, 2008Animal WeightsCharles River Laboratories, and The McConnell Group
Enterprise Risk Management Consulting and Advisory Services
RFP #END012808
March 10, 2008Enterprise WeightsKPMG LLP
Periodical and Serial Subscription Services
RFP #MW011808
Addendum One
February 19, 2008Periodical/Serial WeightsEBSCO
Fundraising Data Analysis and Consulting Services
RFP #LP013008
Addendum One
February 11, 2008Fundraising WeightsGrenzebach, Glier & Associates
Virginia Computing Initiative
RFP #SH122107
February 4, 2008VCI WeightsApple, Inc.; Dell Marketing, L.P. and Lenovo
Student Loan Services
RFP #SH122007
Addendum One
January 25, 2008Loan WeightsRFP cancelled
Wireless Electronic Locks
RFP #FF110207
Preproposal Conference Sign-In
Addendum 001
Addendum 002
January 17, 2008Locks WeightsCancelled
Atomic Force Microscope
RFP #FF121807
January 10, 2008Atomic WeightsAbeam Technologies
Replacement Medical Air System/Air Purifier – Multi-Story Building
RFP #DM112907
January 3, 2008Air System WeightsPattons
Replacement Gas Boilers Stacey Hall
RFP #DM111207
Addendum One
December 7, 2007Gas Boiler WeightsLacy Mechanical, Inc.
Graduate Recruitment and Admissions Management System
RFP #MW110907
December 6, 2007GRAMS WeightsHobson, Inc.
Air Charter Services for Athletics
RFP #LK102907
Addendum One
November 26, 2007Air Charter WeightsCharterSearch,Inc., Air Planning, LLC and Miami Air International
Pre-Employment Background Screening Services
RFP #FF100507
Addendum One
Preproposal Conference Sign-In
November 1, 2007WeightsApplicant Insight
RFP# DF091307
Addendum 001
Addendum 002
October 24, 2007Scada WeightsAffinity Automation, LLC
Replacement and Modernization of Elevators
RFP# DM091907
Addenum 001
October 23, 2007cancelled
Expansion Joint Repair & Plaza Deck Recoating for McLeod Hall
RFP# DF092107
Addendum 001
October 16, 2007Weightsclosed
Bulk, Cylinder and Specialty Gases
RFP# JG082307
Addendum 001
October 3, 2007Gases WeightsGT&S/Welco
Security Consulting and Analysis
RFP# LP082107
Addendum 001
September 19, 2007Security WeightsSecurity Risk Management Consultants, Inc.
Vehicle Rental Services
RFP# LK082807
Addendum 001
September 17, 2007Vehicle WeightsHertz Corporation and Enterprise Leasing Co.
350HP Electric Motor
RFP# MW082107
Addendum 001
September 12, 2007Motor WeightsIreland Electric
Copiers and Printers for Printing & Copy Services
RFP# FF071307
Addendum 001
August 23, 2007Copier WeightsCanceled
Removable Insulating Blankets
RFP# DM071907
Addendum 001
Addendum 002
August 23, 2007Shannon Enterprise of West New York, Inc.
Vision Care Discount Plan & Vision Insurance Program
RFP# SH080907
August 21, 2007Vision Care WeightsEyeBenefits and Davis Vision
Flexible Spending Account & COBRA Programs Administration
RFP# SH073107
August 20, 2007Flexible & COBRA WeightsChard Synder and Assoc., Inc.
Rear Loading Refuse Collection Truck
RFP# JG072307
August 14, 2007Refuse WeightsCapital GMC Trucks
Harrison Institute/Small Special Collections Library Exhibition Design Services
RFP# LP060807
June 22, 2007Exhibit WeightsRiggs Ward Design
Computers -- UNIX/Linux/High Performance
RFP# MW040607
Addendum 001
May 9, 2007Unix WeightsMultiple
Research Administration and Compliance Platform
RFP# SH040507
Addendum 001
May 8, 2007Platform WeightsCancelled
Masonry Services
RFP# JG041107
Addendum 001
Preproposal Conference Attendees
May 1, 2007Masonry WeightsHarrisonburg Construction Co., Inc, and Loving, Loving & Loving Contractors, Inc.
Demand Response Services
RFP# GEC021307
April 5, 2007Canceled
Automatic Animal Drinking Water Generation and Distribution
RFP# JG030807
April 3, 2007Water WeightsEdstrom Industries
Pipe Modeling Software
RFP# GEC021407
April 2, 2007KYPIPE LLC
Ash and Lime Recycling
RFP# GEC021507
March 30, 2007Pincelli & Assoc. and Environmental Solutions
Microfridge Rental Services
RFP# FF021207B
March 15, 2007Microfridge WeightsThe Melvin Corporation
Residence Hall Linen Services
RFP# FF021207A
March 15, 2007Resident Linen WeightsOn Campus Marketing
Steam Sterilizers for the Center for Comparative Medicine
RFP# JG021907
March 7, 2007Sterilizer Weightsclosed
Bucket Truck
RFP# FF013107
Addendum 001
February 23, 2007Bucket Truck WeightsAltec Industries
Dormitory Furniture for Specific Dorms
RFP# LP010807
Addendum 001
February 23, 2007Dorm Furniture WeightsMastercraft Specialties, Inc.
Asbestos Abatement
RFP# GEC091206
February 22, 2007SEMCO Services, Special Renovations, and E&C Insulation
Data Analysis
RFP# GEC010507
February 22, 2007Cimetrics Inc.
Linen Recycling Services
RFP# GEC012507
February 8, 2007A & B Wipers
Automatic Temperature Controls
RFP# GEC101606
November 20, 2006Johnson Controls, Inc.
800 MHz Solution NMR Spectrometer
RFP #LP101206
October 24, 2006NMR WeightsBruker Biospin Corp.
Architectural-Engineering Drawing File Management and Printing
RFP #JG082506
Addendum 001
Addendum 002
October 17, 2006AE Drawing WeightsT & N Printing
Chiller Service and Repair
RFP# GEC091906
October 10, 2006Carrier Building Services
Southern Air
Virginia Trane
Darden School Carpet
RFP# GEC040406
Addendum 001
April 26, 2006Creative Office Environments
Asphalt Paving
RFP# GEC040506
April 26, 2006S. L. Williamson
Furnish and Deliver Materials/Supplies/Services
RFP# HM020106
Addendum #001
Addendum #002
Addendum #003
April 13, 2006Various Vendors
Furnish and Install Replacement Vacuum System
RFP# DM030106
Addendum #001
Addendum #002
April 10, 2006L. A. Lacy
Carpet Replacement
RFP# DM032206
April 4, 2006Creative Office Environments
Cavalier Carpets
Floor Fashions of Virginia
Ceiling & Floor Shop
Laboratory Casework Fume Hoods and Accessories
RFP #HM032603
May 7, 2003Nycom
Creative Services
RFP #MW050417
December 31, 1969Weights: Creative Services