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Restricted Purchases

The University Travel and Expense Card may NOT be used for:

  • Personal Use
  • Purchases from, or payments to, any of the following:
    • Employees of the Commonwealth of Virginia
    • Fastenal (State debarred vendor)
    • eBay
    • Direct payment to Paypal from a Personal or University Account. Paypal is ONLY allowed when Paypal is the payment processor and does not require you to set up an account.  
  • Purchases on Hospital Accounts
  • Purchases of ETF Equipment
  • Purchases of Capital Equipment (cost of $5,000 or more)
  • Purchases that require a Contract.  Someone from PSDS must sign all contracts.
  • Any of the following:
  • ammunition
  • boats
  • carpet
  • firearms
  • health insurance
  • radioactive materials
  • meals or gifts in recognition or in honor of individuals (e.g. weddings, birthdays, baby showers


  • renovation/construction services
  • security systems
  • tent rentals or purchases (non-camping)
  • vehicles
  • window treatments
  • moving and relocation expenses