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University of Virginia Purchasing Card Programs

If you have questions or need help, please contact the University's Purchasing Card Administrator at or 434-924-4212.

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The University of Virginia offers two purchasing card (Pcard) programs. One is a VISA ("State Card") card, governed by the Commonwealth of Virginia, which can be used with any fund source.  The other is a MasterCard ("Local Funds Card"), governed by the University, that can only be used for purchases paid with local fund sources. Both card programs are corporate liability, which means the University pays the bill on behalf of the cardholder. Cardholders can have both a VISA and MasterCard.

The purpose of the Purchasing Card Programs is to establish a more efficient, cost-effective method of purchasing and paying for eVa exempt small dollar transactions. The Purchasing Card Programs enable Cardholders to make authorized purchases directly from a Vendor.

The University Pcard should be used instead of other University payment methods for all local purchases that are made over the counter.

The Visa and MasterCard Credit Cards are issued by Bank of America. 

For more specific policies and procedures regarding the individual programs or to see a comparison of the two programs, click on one of these links:

State Program

Local Funds Program

Comparison of the State and Local Funds Programs

Important Information: Policies and Procedures That Apply to Both Pcard Programs

Policies and Procedures

In addition to the contents of these web pages, you are also responsible for adhering to the regulations in these documents:

Card Fees

Visa and MasterCard will automatically impose a 1% foreign transaction fee on all charges processed outside the United States. This fee is in addition to any currency conversion fees.

As a result of a legal settlement to resolve claims brought by a group of U.S. merchants, merchants in the U.S. and U.S. territories may add a surcharge to certain credit card transactions, starting January 27, 2013. Merchants who choose to surcharge must follow consumer disclosure and other requirements agreed to as part of the settlement. Please notify the Purchasing Card Administrators if you discover a merchant has added a surcharge to your transaction.

Cardholder Role and Responsibility

As the Cardholder your primary responsibility is the proper use of the Pcard when buying approved goods and services for University use. The purchasing card may not be used to circumvent other required University purchasing and payment methods.  Cardholders may not use the Card for cash transactions or receive cash credits.  Your responsibilities as a Cardholder are:

  • See  Restricted Purchases.
  • You may not use the card for personal purchases
  • You may not have more than one card active at any given time on the same program. This means you cannot have two VISA cards or two MasterCards, but you can have one VISA card and one MasterCard.
  • Never allow another person to use your card.
  • Use the card only to make informed buys of approved supplies and services per University policy.
  • You may not authorize any purchase in excess of your established monthly or individual transaction limits.
  • Purchases must never be "split" in order to circumvent the Pcard transaction limit or requirements to seek competition.
  • Observe all dollar limits and restrictions on purchases.
  • You cannot fax or email your full 16 digit account number.
  • You may not accept "store credit" for returned items. If you need to return merchandise, tell the vendor to credit the return to the Pcard.  Notify the Purchasing Card Administrator if a merchant refuses to credit the Pcard for returned items.
  • You are not allowed to prepay for gasoline because the receipt will not provide details of the purchase. If for some reason your Pcard will not work at the pump, you should either move to another pump that will accept the Pcard or show the store personnel that you're paying with a UVA credit card and have the transaction processed after the gasoline is pumped so all the details will appear on the receipt. 
  • Only pay sales tax when required. Claim the Virginia sales tax exemption for goods and services, except for prepared food and air/rail tickets. For other states, see the State Tax Exemption Certificates website to determine exemption status.
  • Maintain documentation to support each transaction. Reconcile your monthly statement to the documentation for each transaction.
  • All contracts must be signed by PSDS.  You cannot sign on behalf of the University.

Failure to maintain these responsibilities could result in suspension of revocation of your pcard.

Events That Require Action

Card Activation

Activate your card via telephone -- the number will be provided on a sticker on the card. You will be asked to enter your account number and security code, which is your three digit agency number and six digit date of birth (ex. 207mmddyy).

Agency Codes:

University's College at Wise = 246
Southwest Center = 948
UVA = 207

Name Changes

If you legally change your name while holding a Pcard account, you will need to have University Human Resources (UHR) change their records. When you have confirmed that UHR has made the change, you must notify the Purchasing Card Administrator with your new information by submitting the Pcard Change Request form. You will receive a new card from BOA reflecting your changes. Your old card is valid until your new card is activated. Once the new card is activated, destroy the old one.

Changing Departments

Your card is linked to your department. If you move to a different department, you must destroy your card and notify the Purchasing Card Administrator by submitting the Pcard Change Request form to have it cancelled. To obtain a card for your new department, complete a new on-line application. You will be contacted when your new card has been issued. Retraining is not required.

Lost/Stolen Cards

If you believe your card has been lost or stolen, it is imperative that you contact BOA as soon as possible. They will deactivate your card and issue another one.

Fraudulent Charges

If you believe your monthly statement has fraudulent transactions, contact BOA immediately. They will deactivate your card and issue another one.

Disputes with Vendors

If you see an incorrect charge on your Pcard statement such as over billing (not fraud), make good-faith efforts to settle error directly with the merchant.  If assistance from BOA is required, please follow these steps:

  1. Call the BOA Dispute Department to notify them first.  (800) 410-6465
  2. Complete the Dispute form and fax it to (888) 678-6046.  This must be done within 60 days from the billing close date.  *Please note:  Only the cardholder needs to sign the dispute form.  "Authorized Participant Signature" may be left blank.
  3. Keep a copy of the Dispute form with your statement as documentation.

You may also call the Dispute Department to check the status of your dispute.  Notify the Purchasing Card Administrator if a merchant refuses to credit the Pcard for returned items.

Leave of Absence

If you will be on leave from the University, you must notify the Purchasing Card Administrator by submitting the Pcard Change Request form to have your Pcard suspended.  Once you return, you must notify the Purchasing Card Administrator by submitting the Pcard Change Request form to have your Pcard reactivated.

Leaving the University

If you terminate your employment with the University, you must destroy your card and notify the Purchasing Card Administrator by submitting the Pcard Change Request form to have it cancelled.

Cancelling Your Card

If you need to cancel your card, submit the Pcard Change Request form with the cardholder name, and the reason why. You should then make sure the card is destroyed. Please do NOT return cancelled cards to the Purchasing Card Administrator.

Request Changes to Your Card Spending Limits or Restrictions

To make changes to your spending limits or to lift the hotel restriction on your purchasing card to prepay the first night lodging or pay Local Contract Hotels, submit the Pcard Change Request form.

How to Get a Card

  • For University Employees
    • Applicants must first take the UVA Pcard Training for Cardholders  training for the type of card they need (State or Local Funds).
    • The Authorizer, which is your Human Resources supervisor unless they have delegated this role to another person, must take the training UVA Pcard Training for Authorizers
    • Once both have completed training the Application for a University Purchasing Card can be accessed.
    • Once the application is completed and approved by the Authorizer,  the University's Pcard Administrator will order the card.  The card will be mailed to the cardholder's departmental address.   It should arrive in 7-10 business days.


  • All non-UVA employees must be sponsored by a University department and linked to a supervisor that is a University employee in the Integrated System. The sponsoring department is responsible for setting up the cardholder in the University’s Human Resources system. The following information is required. Please fax the required information to Amy Shifflett in University Human Resources at fax number 434-243-6135.  For security purposes Human Resources cannot accept the information by email.
    • Applicant Name
    • Department
    • Applicant Email Address
    • Applicant Phone
    • Applicant SS#
    • Applicant Date of Birth
    • Applicant Gender
    • Applicant's Home Address
    • Applicant's Home City, State, Zip
    • Sponsoring Department's  UVA Address 1
    • Sponsoring Department's City, State, Zip
    • Applicant UVA Organization Code (5 digit code)
    • Supervisor Name (must be a UVA employee)
  • Questions should be referred to the University's Human Resources Department.
  • Once set up in the Human Resources system is complete, applicant must first take the University of Virginia Purchasing Card (Pcard) training.
  • The Authorizer, which is your Human Resources supervisor unless they have delegated this role to another person, must take the training University Of Virginia Purchasing (Pcard) Training for Authorizers.
  • Once both have completed training the Application for a University Purchasing Card can be accessed.
  • Once the application is completed and approved by the Authorizer, the University's Pcard Administrator will order the card.  The card will be mailed to the cardholder's departmental address.   It should arrive in 7-10 business days.

What You Can Purchase

In general, the Purchasing Card (Pcard) should be used only for purchases that will be eVA-Excluded and not currently provided by a strategic contract vendor. Pcard purchases will be excluded from eVA if :

  1. The purchase can be identified as an eVA-Excluded category, based on a correct expenditure type on the transaction. Please see the Goods and Services Procurement Guide to determine if a purchase is in an eVA-Excluded category, and what expenditure type should be used to identify it as such.
  2. The purchase is made over-the-counter by swiping the card at the place of business or using it with a local merchant. The Pcard is the most cost effective method of payment for local over the counter purchases.

 The Pcard may be used for purchases that are not eVA-Excluded under either of the following  conditions:

  • The purchase is from a vendor you only plan to use one time and the vendor is not in the University's vendor file.
  • The purchase is necessary to the mission of the department and there is no other reasonable way in which the purchase can be made, such as purchases that can only be made on the internet.
  • After comparison shopping with UVa Marketplace vendors, taking into account all costs (eVA fees, shipping costs, etc.), the Pcard is the least expensive way to purchase.

Please note that these non-eVA-Excluded transactions will still be considered "Non-compliant" with regard to eVA, and the department will incur the full 2% eVA fee.

Before making a purchase review the webpage “Using The Purchasing Card

Required Payment Method for Certain Vendors

1.  You must use your Pcard with these Vendors. No other method of payment is allowed.

A & A Limousine Service EDM Americas Roberts Oxygen
A Goff Limo Enterprise Leasing Co. Shenandoah Water
Abbott Trailways Federal Express  Staunton Steam
Albemarle Limousine LLC Hertz Corporation Store It Right
Ambassador Limo James Limousine Service Inc. T-Mobile
AT&T James River Bus Lines U Stor It Charlottesville
Calling Card for Business Use Local Contract Hotels on the approved list Woolen Mills Self Storage
Campbell Company Botanical Services INC National Car Rental Verizon
Camryn Executive Transporation & Limousine North Charlottesville Self Storage/CW Investments Virginia Linen
Century Link Ntelos United Parcel Service (UPS)
Charlottesville Self Storage at Charlottesville Patterson Pope Utilities (cable, satellite, internet, land phone, cell phone,mobile data)
Charlottesville Self Storage at Crozet Pepsi US Post Office
Colonnade Club Plantscapes Florist Yellow Cab
Comcast Quicks Bus Company Zipcar Inc.


2.  Pre-payment for all mass transit tickets including air, rail, and bus must be paid by the Pcard.  A special procedure must be followed if the price of travel tickets exceeds the individual card holder's established spending limits.

Recommended Payment Method for Certain Transactions

Below are the most common types of purchases that are recommended for payment by a Pcard. See the Procurement Goods and Services Guide  for additional uses and the Local Funds Pcard Webpage for additional recommended uses that will provide more flexibilty to handle certain purchases with the  Local Funds Pcard. 

  • Any transaction with a vendor you plan to use one time and they are not already in the vendor file.
  • Academic Accreditation Fees
  • Advertisements in a newspaper, magazine, TV, or radio
  • Air and Rail Tickets
  • All local, state, and federal government agencies
  • Automobile Rentals
  • Bus Charter Service
  • Conference Registration and Training  
  • Entertainers
  • eVA-Excluded Transactions
  • Food if purchased from local merchants or Over-the-Counter (if NOT paid to a restaurant and not in lieu of per diem when in travel status).  Business Meal Policy applies.
  • Goods and Services that can only be purchased from local  merchants or Over-the-Counter
  • Organizational Dues, Fee, and Licenses
  • Public Utilities (electric, natural gas, water, sewer)
  • Storage Services
  • Subscriptions
  • UVA Physicians Group
  • Gift  and Gift Cards are allowed under the following circumstances:

Gifts and Gifts Cards to Human Subjects

-- IRB approval is required prior to purchase.   Please see the appropriate IRB website or to ensure IRB policies are followed.

Gifts and Gift Cards to individuals eligible for the University’s Human Resources’ Employee Rewards & Recognition program.

-- For Classified and University Staff Only

-- Obtain University Human Resources’ approval prior to purchase to ensure it is taxed appropriately.

-- Use one of these expenditure types:

"Emp, Recognition Awrd-Non Txbl"

"Employee, Recognition Awards"

"Employee, Suggestion Awards"

Gifts and Gift Cards to individuals NOT eligible for the University’s Human Resourcess Employee Rewards & Recognition program. This includes gifts to faculty.

-- Only on local funds

-- Dean/VP approval is required if over $400

-- Gifts of any amount to students also require prior approval from Student Financial Services.

-- Obtain University Human Resources’ approval prior to purchasing gifts for faculty to ensure it is taxed appropriately.

To properly account for gift cards, the cardholder should keep a log of the following information:

List each gift card/gift certificate  unique number

List the gift card/gift certificate amount (i.e. $10, $20, etc.)  Please Note: If the card/certificate is for a specific type of good or service, at the time of purchase you must be able to assign an individual value per card/certificate.

Please note: If the Purchasing Cardholder is unaware of the name of the individual who will be receiving the gift card, the purchaser is to pass this log to the appropriate person who can complete the individual’s name and then return the completed log to be attached to the cardholder’s purchasing card statement.

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