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Source of Funds

Source of Funds

Source of funds is just what you might think -- this is the source of the funding that will be used to pay for an expense. This information is critical to determining the amount and types of expenditures you will be allowed, and what travel policies and spending limits you need to follow for travel expenditures.

The three main funding sources are:

  • State funds come from the Commonwealth of Virginia and all state limitations apply.
  • Local funds come from non-state sources such as alumni donations. In some cases, local funds may be used somewhat more flexibly than state funds.
  • Sponsored Programs are defined as "programs funded by revenue derived from grants and contracts." State limitations apply unless the grant or contract specifies otherwise.

To identify the source of funds, you must know the award type (the "A" portion of the PTAEO) for the funds you will be using.

The source of funds for various award types can be determined by consulting the Source of Funds chart (.xls).