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Contact Us

Have questions?    Here's where to find help!


Ambassadors for each school and unit who have undertaken extensive training on the expense management system are happy to help you get started and answer your questions.

Not sure who your Ambassadors are?  Check the Ambassador Database.

Online, on-demand training (both video and written instructions) The training is broken up into bitesized pieces so you can easily access help on a particular topic or part of the process.

Email Us

For Travel and Expense questions -

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Travel and Expense Services Team

Dolores Hildebrand, Assistant Director      (434) 924-4233

Connie Alexander       (434) 924-4229

Lisa Atkins                   (434) 924-6341

Laura Burns                 (434) 924-4355

Raegan Harouff            (434) 924-4354

Carrie McGowan          (434) 924-3147


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