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SWaM Re-certification Information

SWaM Re-Certification

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I re-certify?

From the DMBE website:

1: Complete the on-line application for SWaM certification. Click here. A “YES” answer to the first question on the application will take you to the re-certification application.
2: Print, sign and date the complete application form. Please cross off the old information and write in the current information.
3 : Mail the signed application and all required supporting documents to DMBE.
Important notice : You must mail us your signed application with all required supporting documents or your application will not be processed.


The on-line SWaM applications asks for my “SWaM Certification Number.” Where can I find that?

Unfortunately, there is no online system to look up your information at this time. Call the DMBE at (888) 792-6323, explain that you are trying to re-certify, and ask them for your Certification Number.


What kind of supporting documents do I need to submit?

It depends on how your business is set up. The list of required supporting documents can be found here:


Why am I being asked to re-certify?


The DMBE (Department of Minority Business Enterprise) issues initial SWaM certifications for a period of three years. After that, the re-certification process is necessary to update your information and make sure that your business still qualifies as SWaM.

The University currently has a large number of vendors whose SWaM certifications have expired. This reduces the number of SWaM vendors available to quote on University business, and does not allow the Supplier Diversity Initiative to accurately report the dollars the University spends with diverse businesses. Therefore, it is of high priority to us that vendors renew their certifications if possible.


I am no longer eligible for SWaM certification/DMBE will not allow me to re-certify/I do not wish to re-certify. Why would this be, and how can I stop receiving email notices about my certification?

If your business ownership has changed, if you've grown too large to qualify as a small business (congratulations!), if your business is headquartered in certain states which do not recognize Virginia-based SWaM firms (click here for more information), or if you do not wish to re-certify your firm as a SWaM business, please complete this short 2-minute survey so that we have a better idea of SWaM certification perception. Completing this survey will automatically remove you from our re-certification contact list.

You may also contact Jack King to make sure you do not receive any further notices about your expired certification.


What happens if I don’t choose to re-certify?

Nothing. University departments may purchase from whomever they’d like. However, according to our policy they must first seek a quote from a SWaM-certified vendor. The Supplier Diversity Initiative greatly appreciates the effort this process takes to help us fulfill our mission.


Where can I check my re-certification status?

You can check your re-certification status by visiting here, clicking on the "Company Name" tab, and entering your company's name.


Still have questions? Contact Supplier Diversity Business Operations Manager Jack King at (434) 924-0688 or at