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Frequently Asked Questions: Chrome Update and UVA Marketplace Punchouts

What is the problem?

How might it impact UVA Marketplace shoppers?

What should UVA Marketplace shoppers do?

What is PSDS doing to help?

Which punchout catalogs are affected?

What is the problem?

Google’s Chrome internet browser is releasing a major update on Monday, February 17. The update will change how the browser handles cookies, and as a result, we have been notified that not all UVA Marketplace punchout catalogs will function correctly with the updated Chrome browser until each supplier updates its internal technology.

More information on Chrome 80.


How might it impact UVA Marketplace shoppers?

If you are using the Chrome browser and attempting to shop from certain punchout catalogs in the UVA Marketplace, you may encounter the following errors:

  • Unable to add an item or items to your cart from a punchout.
  • Unable to return any cart (punchout or non-catalog item) from UVA Marketplace to the Integrated System (Oracle) for checkout. 

This update will not affect Chrome users' experiences in the Integrated System, TravelUVA, or ExpenseUVA.


What should UVA Marketplace shoppers do?

To continue using Chrome to access UVA Marketplace punchout catalogs:

  • Review the list of suppliers with catalogs compatible with the Chrome updates.
  • If you would like to shop a punchout not compatible with the updates, you can try to open the punchout catalog in a new window.
  • If the punchout does not work, or if you cannot open the punchout in a new window, use a different browser.


To use a different browser to access UVA Marketplace punchout catalogs:

  • Review the ITS Supported Browsers for Integrated System.
  • Contact your Local Support Partner (LSP) for assistance choosing the right browser.
  • PSDS will send a notification when all punchouts are fully functional with all browsers.

Please continue to use Chrome to access the Integrated System (Oracle).


What is Procurement & Supplier Diversity Services (PSDS) doing to help?

While this is an external change that each of our suppliers must address internally, it's part of PSDS' core mission to provide a simple, easy shopping experience. We are committed to giving our users as much information and guidance as we can, and to working with our suppliers to get their punchout catalogs compliant.

PSDS staff is testing the functionality of each punchout catalog with the new Chrome update, and is in constant contact with the UVA Marketplace platform provider for assistance and updates. We are updating the listing of tested catalogs and their readiness for the update as we complete testing or receive information from suppliers.

PSDS buyers are working diligently with those suppliers whose punchout catalogs will not be ready for the Chrome update to determine timelines for compatibility.


Which punchout catalogs are affected?

Currently, PSDS is testing our punchout catalogs for Chrome update readiness. We have tested the following high-volume catalogs and included their status.

Any catalogs not listed are still being tested and will be included in this list as soon as testing is complete.

Supplier Name Chrome Update Ready?
America to Go Yes
Apple Computer Yes
B&H Foto & Electronics Corp Yes
Bio-Rad Laboratories NO
CDW Government LLC Yes
Cell Signaling Technology Yes
GovConnection Yes
Dell Yes
DigiKey Corp. NO 
Fastenal Company  Yes 
Fisher Scientific  Yes 
Henry Schein Inc.  NO
Integrated DNA Technologies Inc. Yes 
Life Technologies NO 
McMaster-Carr Supply Company  Yes 
Medline  Yes 
MSC Industrial Supply Yes
SHI International Corp Yes 
Sigma-Aldrich  NO
Supply Room (TSRC, Inc.)  Yes
VWR International, Inc  Yes 
W.W. Grainger, Inc.  Yes