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Card Guides and Reports

FormsWhen Information is Required
BOA Works Guide Guide for initial login to Works and how to run the report to obtain the monthly statement.
BOA Works Login Link to BOA Works user login screen
Card Authorization Log Guide Guide to show users how to check authorized and/or declined transactions in  their Authorization Log in BOA Works.
Pcard Distributions Report A standard report run (real time) from the Integrated System to review PTAEO changes you have entered during the monthly Pcard distribution window of opportunity.
Resetting BOA Works Password
Instructions on resetting your BOA account password
Chip PIN Cardholder Brochure 2015 How to use the Chip PIN pcard.
Online PIN CheckRegistration and Login Instructions

Online PIN Check, Registration, and Login Instructions. Cardholders may also request a PIN by calling the 800 number on the back of their Card.