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Frequently Asked Questions

Procurement Services is proud to offer video demonstrations via Youtube on some of your most frequently asked questions.

Who has my requisition?

This demonstration will show you how to track your purchase requisition if you don't get a purchase order immediately upon approval. It will show you how to find your assigned buyer if the requisition has been forwarded to Procurement Services.


My approver is out. I need to send my requisitions to someone else. What do I do?

This demonstration will show how to forward your requisitions to a new approver when your default approver is temporarily unavailable.

Buyer Assist Requisition

This demonstration will show you how to do a Buyer Assist Requisition whenever a contract needs to be signed or a prepayment to a vendor needs to be made. 

Returned requisition. How do I resubmit a requisition that has been returned?

This demonstration will show you how to handle a requisition that has been returned to you for modification or additional information.

Reviewing requisitions for approval

This demonstration will show departmental approvers how to review requisition detail such as PTAEO information on purchase requisitions that has been submitted to them for approval.