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The University Purchasing Card


The University of Virginia offers two Purchasing card (Pcard) programs issued through Bank of America. One is a VISA ("State Card") card, governed by the Commonwealth of Virginia, which can be used with any fund source. The other is a MasterCard ("Local Funds Card"), governed by the University, that can only be used for purchases paid with local fund sources  . Both card programs are corporate liability, which means the University pays the bill on behalf of the cardholder. Cardholders can have both a VISA and MasterCard.

Please review the Pcard policy and procedures:

Pcard Policy

Pcard Procedures  

If you need assistance after reviewing the policies and procedures, please contact the University's Purchasing Card Administrator at or 434-924-4212.

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04/27/2015- Currently Bank of America does not support the Verified by Visa feature for online transactions because the State is renegotiating their purchasing card contract.  Due to the RFP process, everything has been put on hold until the provider has been chosen.  This functionality will become available after that time.  To avoid this issue, contact the vendor to see if they will process the transaction over the phone.

04/22/2015- Bank of America has informed us that the card industry is seeing a large increase in fraud.  Fraudsters are hitting as many accounts as possible, as quickly as possible due to cards migrating to chip and pin technology.  Bank of America has tightened up their fraud controls and will be replacing more cards than normal. We recommend that you monitor spend activity more frequently by using Bank of America's Works system. There are user guides on how to run the reports to review your spend here:  If you suspect unauthorized activity, please report it to BOA immediately by calling Bank of America's Fraud Team at 866-500-8262. You may also receive emails from the Fraud Team asking you to call them to discuss recent activity. The emails only instruct cardholders to contact the bank, it does not ask for sensitive customer information.  If you have any questions please email