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Travel Procedures

This applies to Travel before May 1, 2010. Click here for current Travel Information.

Before you Start

Obtaining payment for travel begins before you make the first purchase, in the planning stage. Before you make any travel purchases, take the necessary steps to ensure that payment can be made smoothly and easily.

  • Know the rules! Know Travel Basics and other topics relevant to the type of travel you anticipated.
  • If you think you already know the rules, always check "Recently Changed Pages" to be sure that there is not something new that you have missed.
  • Know your source of funds -- the rules depend on the funds you will be using.

Before Making Any Travel Purchase

  • Plan carefully to ensure the best possible value.
    • Shop for the best travel values.
    • Prepare any cost comparisons or cost justifications required for the particular travel purchase. These could include a cost comparison for on-site training or bundled travel package, cost justification for use of a personal vehicle or for exceeding the lodging limit.
  • Get the appropriate pre-approvals before making travel purchases.
    • Always get departmental approval.
    • If required, complete the "Pre-Approval of Proposed Trip Estimate" sheet of the Travel Workbook and forward it and the cost comparisons and justifications described above, to the appropriate Dean, Vice President, or Designee for approval.
    • Obtain through Procurement Services any higher-level prior approvals required, such as approval for three persons traveling an international destination.
    • If you will be using the University Purchasing Card for tickets that will exceed your spending limits, arrange to have your spending limits raised temporarily.
    • Refrain from making purchases for the trip until ALL approvals have been received.
  • Travelers who receive more than two reimbursements per year should sign up to receive payment by direct deposit.

Making Travel Purchases

  • If you make travel purchases on the Internet, be sure to print and retain the hardcopy of the final confirmation page required for Internet purchases.
  • If you wish to purchase a bundled travel package, document the required comparison to individually purchased travel services prior to finalizing the purchase. Remember that payment for travel packages cannot be made directly – all payment must be by reimbursement after the trip.
  • Each traveler should be given a list of receipts that will be required and apprised of any applicable rules or policies before leaving.
  • If pre-payment is required for first night's lodging, use either the Travel Card, a personal credit card, or obtain an invoice from the lodging provider and submit a Payment Voucher for direct pre-payment to the provider.

Reimbursement After the Trip

Within five days of trip completion:

  • Collect all receipts and supporting documentation.
  • Complete the Travel Workbook. The traveler may do this, or provide necessary information and receipts to another person designated by the department for the purpose. Claim only meals for which the traveler incurred expense and which were not claimed as business meals.
  • Travelers who are employees or students must sign the Travel Workbook. Non-employee non-student travelers are not required to do so.
  • Attach to the workbook all required original receipts, cost comparisons, hardcopy of "international" per diem rates tables, final confirmation pages for Internet purchases, required higher level approvals, etc., as appropriate. Failure to include any required documentation will unnecessarily delay the reimbursement.
  • Submit the entire Travel Workbook and all supporting documentation to the traveler's Supervisor. You must include all sheets used in the Workbook, including the previously signed "Pre-Approval of Trip Estimate" sheet if it was required. This submission is considered the traveler's request for reimbursement.

Within 3 days of submission to Supervisor:

  • The Supervisor must sign the "Travel Reimbursement Request" portion of the Travel Workbook.
  • If pre-approval of the trip was required, and actual charges are more than 10% over the previously approved trip estimate, the Supervisor must also obtain the Dean, Vice President, or Designee's approval of the "Travel Reimbursement Request". Please note that travel expenditures from state funds may exceed pre-approved estimates ONLY if they remain inside the permissible limits as defined in travel policy.
  • The person in the department with Integrated System PO Purchaser responsibility must complete and approve a Payment Voucher (PV) per Integrated System training. Just one line item may be used for the total amount requested, though multiple distribution lines may be needed.
  • Submit the entire original signed paper Travel Workbook along with paper originals of all receipts and other supporting documentation to Procurement Services - Accounts Payablepopup . You must include all sheets used in the Travel Workbook, including the "Pre-Approval of Proposed Trip Estimate" sheet, if required.
  • Copies of this documentation must also be retained in the department, in Voucher Number order, for a minimum of three years plus current fiscal year.

Follow up -- Within 5 business days of submission of documentation:

  • Travel Reimbursement Payment Vouchers cannot be reviewed and approved until correct and complete documentation is received.
  • When five business days have elapsed since submission of documentation, if you have received no notices regarding your PV, review "Payment Vouchers on Hold" report to make sure your voucher is not still on hold.
  • If the PV is still on hold, contact Procurement Services to find out if you documentation has been received and what action you need to take to ensure prompt reimbursement.
  • If the PV is not still on hold, either a check will be issued, or if the traveler has direct deposit, an e-mail notification of deposit will be sent.