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Standing Limited Purchase Orders

Pre-existing Standing Department Purchase Orders

Effective for orders created prior to Nov 8, 2006

Standing Orders that are paid on invoices matched to Department Purchase Orders may remain in place until the end of their performance period, as the eVA fee for those orders will already been paid.

Standing Orders that are paid by Purchasing Card or Payment Voucher should be canceled as soon as it is possible to begin ordering the goods and/or services in the UVA Marketplace. Care should be taken not to cancel too early and disrupt the flow of necessary goods and services.

Standing Department Purchase Orders in the Interim Period

Effective Between Nov 8, 2006 and UVA Marketplace Implementation

No more standing Department Purchase Orders should be created until they can be entered into the UVA Marketplace.

New Standing Department Purchase Orders

Effective Upon UVA Marketplace implementation, scheduled for Dec 4, 2006

Use a Standing Department Purchase Order only under these circumstances:

  • When other criteria governing the use of Department Purchase Orders in general are met
  • For non-catalog vendors only. (The catalogs allow items to be easily ordered with accurate line item detail).
  • Only for recurring charges, such as copier rental
  • Primarily for services, such as equipment maintenance and telecommunication services
  • For supplies only under very limited circumstances, such as:
    • The same recurring item with automatic shipment or delivery at regularly scheduled intervals (such as bottled water, dry ice)
    • When it is necessary to reserve a single lot of a specific product to be drawn upon over time.

Coding Requirements for Standing Department Purchase Orders

  • Total order amounts must not be overstated. Remember that eVA fees are based on the original face amount of the order. If the amount is overstated the vendor and the University will be charged eVA fees for the overstated amount.
  • Note: If the full amount of the order has not been invoiced when fulfillment has been completed, the Department Purchase Order amount must be reduced to the invoice amount before closing or finally closing the order.
  • Like all orders in the UVA Marketplace, standing orders must include line item detail.
    • Each line of a standing order must include quantity, unit of measure, unit price, and a specific description of the goods or services.
    • Generic item descriptions, such as Office Supplies or Lab Supplies are not sufficient.
    • Quantity, unit of measure, unit price, and description must be as accurate as possible. Remember that the vendor may receive the order electronically following approval.
    • Always supply a defined time limit or period of performance, and state how, when and in what quantity the goods or services will be delivered. Otherwise, the vendor may provide and invoice for the entire order all at once.
    • Examples:
    Qty: 120
    Unit of Measure: Gallon
    Unit Price $1.00
    Description: Distilled water, two five gallon containers to be delivered monthly from July 1, 2006 – June 30, 2007.
    Wrong (does not give adequate description, quantity, or unit pricing)
    Qty: 1
    Unit of Measure: LOT
    Unit Price: $1200.00
    Description: water – see attached quote

    Wrong (does not give accurate quantity and unit pricing)
    Qty: 1
    Unit of Measure: LOT
    Unit Price: $1200.00
    Description: 120 gallons of distilled water – two five-gallon containers to be delivered monthly from July 1, 2006 – June 30, 2007
    Wrong (All 24 containers would probably arrive at once)
    Qty: 120
    Unit of Measure: gallon
    Unit Price: $1.00
    Description: Distilled water, 24 five gallon containers