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Staff By Area

A number of service areas operate under the Procurement and Supplier Diversity Services umbrella. Staff members are listed on this page under their primary service areas.


(434) 924-4019 Eric Denby -- Director of Procurement and Supplier Diversity Services

Responsible for overall operation
Manages major service contracts and acquisitions, consulting services, special financial services.

Supplier Diversity

(434) 924-7174 Les Haughton -- Director, Supplier Diversity

Responsible for ensuring that small, women-owned, and minority-owned firms have fair access to the University's business.

(434) 243-2373 Lorie Jean Strother -- SWaM Contract Administrator

Assists Facilities Management with vendor sourcing and community outreach.

(434) 924-0688 Jack King -- Supplier Diversity Business Operations Manager

Responsible for ensuring that small, women-owned, and minority-owned firms have fair access to the University's business.


Central Purchasing

(434) 924-3173 Shannon Wampler -- Procurement Analyst

Conducts spend analysis and makes strategic sourcing recommendations. Performs contract evaluation and compliance, price analysis and comparison.

(434) 924-4214 John McHugh -- Assistant Director

Manages purchasing operations and ensures that acquisitions of goods and services are conducted in a timely manner within University policy and procedure and the Code of Virginia.

(434) 924-4217 Steve Heldreth -- Major Procurements Manager

Major service contracts and acquisitions
Research laboratory apparatus
Computer equipment and services
Hazardous waste disposal.

(434) 924-4219 Kevin Crabtree -- Senior Buyer

Food and catering
Hotel, convention and conference services
Uniforms and clothing
Transportation services

(434) 924-3507 Charles Kidd -- Procurement Specialist

Contract and small dollar order processing

(434) 924-4216 Lori Ponton -- Senior Buyer

Major furniture installations
Interior design assistance
Carpeting and fabrics
Window treatments
Artwork, arts and crafts
Case work

(434) 297-4705 Addie Coe -- Procurement Specialist

Relocation and Employee Moves

(434) 924-8918 Michael Warlick -- Senior Buyer

Audio-Visual Equipment
Security equipment and services
Cellular phones and service
Computer equipment, supplies and services
Computer peripherals
Maintenance agreements and software licenses for research and computer equipment

(434) 982-2636 Kristin Floyd -- Senior Buyer

Travel, Hotels, Catering, Entertainment, Conference services and Hospitality

(434) 924-1346 ToShun Campbell -- Contract Administrator

Manages contract database and negotiates vendor supplied contracts

Facilities Purchasing

Facilities Purchasing is responsible for procurement of all goods and services in support of Facilities Management, other than Construction and Planning. For all other procurements, please see Central Purchasing above.

(434) 982-2563 John Gerding -- Procurement Manager

(434) 982-6524 Mavis Dickerson -- Program Support Technician

(434) 243-5192 Jessie McGann -- Program Support Technician

(434) 982-5076 Diane Morse -- Buyer

(434) 982-5879 Frank Messina -- Buyer

(434) 982-5077 Heather Hite -- Buyer

Accounts Payable

(434) 924-4747 Linda Mayo -- Accounts Payable Supervisor

Supervises the day-to-day handling of vendor files, 1099 reporting and IRS compliance for vendors, wire transfers, special checks, and stop payments

Invoice Processing and Petty Cash

The primary purpose of the Accounts Payable Specialists is to enter invoices from vendors and review payment vouchers and petty cash reimbursements. Email

(434) 924-6340 Paula Chapman -- Accounts Payable Specialist

(434) 924-4359 Cheryl Pleasants -- Accounts Payable Specialist

(434) 924-7684 Joyce Dunn -- Accounts Payable Specialist

Payment Processing

Processes wire transfers, all payment types, special checks, and stop payments. Email

(434) 924-0813 Tina Brice -- Accounts Payable Payment Specialist

(434) 982-2350 Shelly Winston-Bowers -- Accounts Payable Payment Specialist

Travel/Expense Reimbursements/Purchasing Card

Provides a seamless process for travel -- from managing arrangements through payment -- handles all employee initiated transactions paid by T&E card or reimbursement and non-employee travel reimbursements. See Contact Us to get help.

(434) 924-4239 Crystal Dollens --

(434) 924-4212 Raegan Harouff -- Travel and Expense Administrator

(434) 924-4212 Lisa Atkins -- Travel and Expense Administrator

(434) 924-4212 Dolores Hildebrand -- Assistant Director

(434) 924-4212 Connie Alexander -- Office Manager