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Publicly Accessible Contract Summary Sheet

We have multiple contracts with this vendor.
Contract 22Information Technology: Products/Software/Services
Contract 425Information Technology: Products/Software/Services

IBM Corporation (Contract ID: 22)

Commodity: Products/Software/Services
Contract Number: UVA682546-PAC Effective Date: 12/20/2007 - 05/30/2017
Vendor: IBM Corporation
Address: 9201 Arboretum Parkway
Richmond, VA 23236

Contact: Eric Rice
Phone: (o) 770-863-1572 , (m) 859-221-7266
Virginia Green: No

Contract Information:

The University has established a contract with IBM to make available for purchase at a discount their services and hardware products (storage and servers), software and implementation/installation, maintenance, and training services.

Click here for the:  Agreement, Amendment 001, Amendment 002, Amendment 003, and Amendment 004.

The products and associated discounts can be found on this web site:

In addition to purchasing directly from IBM, the following is a list of IBM Business Partners who are authorized to support this Agreement.

  • Mainline Information Systems
    Rob Butler

    Catie Cooper
    1700 Summit Lake Drive
    Tallahassee, Florida 32317
  • Dynamix Group, Inc.
    Jim Labus
    (434) 409-8910
    1905 Woodstock Road, Suite 4150
    Roswell, GA   30075-5625
  • Summit Business Associates
    577 South Lake Blvd
    Richmond VA 23236
  • Cas Severn
    Mark Belluz
    (914) 263-5865


Please reference the contract number on purchase requisitions, limited purchase orders, and when contacting IBM. Copies of this contract are available from the buyer.

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