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The University of Virginia can reimburse individuals who are not University faculty or staff, but who have incurred expenses for University-approved, business-related expenses, including transportation, lodging, and other travel or non-travel costs.  Types of non-employees include but are not limited to:

  • visiting scholars
  • guest lecturers or researchers
  • consultants
  • prospective faculty or staff
  • non-employee students

All expenses must be supported by itemized receipts regardless of the amount.  If  a non-employee does not have a receipt for an expense, or the department wishes to provide a living allowance instead of reimbursement, the department may use the expenditure type "Living Allowance, Non-Stu” or “Living Allowance, NRA Non-Stu” for a foreign non-employee.  Please note that paying a living allowance is considered income and subject to tax or tax reporting.

Non-employees are not required to sign the travel workbook.  The travel workbook must be signed by the preparer’s supervisor. 

TravelUVA for non-employees

Travel arrangements may be made on behalf of a non-employee (anyone who is not in the HR System as an academic employee) by choosing the Book for a guest option in Concur or by calling Christopherson Business Travel at 1-800-286-0767.

Non-employees will not have a traveler profile in Concur. Information is simply entered when the reservation is made.


Air and Rail Travel:

Regardless of fund source, domestic economy and international economy or business class may be purchased or reimbursed. First class and domestic business class tickets are discouraged, but may be purchased with justification and approval of the expense report preparer’s supervisor.

Vehicle Rental:

Non-employees are not covered under the University’s automobile self-insurance plan. For these individuals, the University will reimburse LDW and CDW insurance.  It is recommend that departments reimburse non-employees for car rental expenses and do not pay using the Travel and Expense Card.

Personally-Owned Vehicles:

The use of personally-owned vehicles will be reimbursed at current Standard Mileage Rates established by the IRS.


Non-employees should use the standard nightly rate of $300 for hotels and other alternative lodging. Taxes and surcharges are in addition to the room rate and are reimbursable.  When the rate is exceeded by more than two times the lodging limit, a written justification must be provided and approved by the expense report preparer’s supervisor.

Travel Meals

Expenses for non-employees will be paid based on actual costs and must be supported by itemized receipts regardless of the amount. Non-employees are not allowed meal per diems. Alcohol expenses on any meal receipt must be paid from local funds.

Companions of Non-Employees

Companions of non-employees must have a bona fide business purpose rather than a personal or social purpose.  The non-employee may be reimbursed based on actual cost with an itemized receipt.  Reimbursements  may not be paid directly to the companion and requires justification and approval of the preparer’s supervisor.