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Department Purchase Orders

The Department Purchase Order is one of three methods by which departments may buy eligible goods and services directly from suppliers and have the University pay the supplier directly. Department Purchase Orders are submitted in the Integrated System application.


Use a Department Purchase Order to purchase goods and services when:

  • Total will be less than $10,000 (this total includes all invoices to be paid against a standing Department Purchase Order) AND
  • Goods and services to be purchased are not on the Department Purchase Order restrictionspopup AND
  • There is no need for prior approval by Procurement Services.

Do not use a Department Purchase Order when:

  • Any of the above criteria is not met.
  • Multiple Department Purchase Orders are circumventing the $9,999.99 limit.
  • Documents will need to be attached to the vendor payment, necessitating special check handling.

Departments should take care that their internal procedures for placing orders on Department Purchase Orders do not result in additional invoice handling expense in Procurement and Supplier Diversity Services.

Access to the Department Purchase Order

  • All the requirements for access to the Integrated System application in general must be met.
  • An Department Purchase Order in the Integrated System is a Purchase Order of type "PO<$10000". Access is to Purchase Orders.
  • You must have the PO Purchaser or PO Requester responsibility in the Integrated System application.

Confirming Supplier in the Integrated System Supplier List

The supplier must be present in the Integrated System Supplier List before a Department Purchase Order can be submitted.
Query the Supplier List by TAX ID, per your Integrated System training. Querying by name is not sufficient to make this determination.

If the supplier is present in the list:

  • Confirm that there is a purchasing site for the supplier location you are using. If a new purchasing site is needed, submit a Change/Update Information Request form. You will be notified by e-mail when the site has been added.

If the supplier is NOT present in the list, you may need to add them by inviting them to register:

  • Obtain the Supplier's Name and e-mail address. You will then need to request that the supplier be invited to register. Instructions for these requests can be found here.
  • Query by TAX ID to be positive the supplier is not present, if you have not already done so. If the supplier is still not found, you will need to add the supplier.

Adding a Supplier for a Departmental Order

Add the supplier to the Supplier List per your Total Supplier Manager training. Fill out and submit a "Request New / Update Supplier or Non-Supplier" form. Follow the instructions in the "Training" section of the Supplier Management Portal page. After you submit this form, the Supplier Management team will invite the supplier or non-supplier to register.

Ensure Supplier Registration

Ensure that the supplier / non-supplier has completed the registration process using the invitation link they receive via email. After registration is complete, it may take up to 48 hours before the supplier is available in the Integrated System.

The supplier cannot be paid without registration.

  • Invite the supplier / non-supplier to register by logging on to the Marketplace and submitting a "Request New / Update Supplier or Non-Supplier" form. Follow the instructions in the "Training" section of the Supplier Management Portal page.

Entering the Department Purchase Order

Before Submitting the Department Purchase Order

  • Be sure that a proposed purchase is eligible for a Department Purchase Order.
  • If possible, purchase from a Marketplace supplier.
  • If a Marketplace supplier is not available, compare prices from several suppliers and make every attempt to use a DMBE-Certified Minority- or Woman-owned firm.
  • Negotiate prices with your chosen supplier, if appropriate.
  • Confirm your supplier is in the Integrated System Supplier list as described above.
  • Have available your delivery location code and the PTAEO to charge.

In the Integrated System

  • Create the Department Purchase Order
    Create and approve a Department Purchase Order per your Integrated System training.
    You may also need to reference Instructions for entering the required Vendor Diversity Confirmation flexfield on the PO or Department Purchase Order, in order to complete the new required flexfield for documenting how you met the requirement for obtaining a DMBE-certified M/W quote (see above).
  • Approve the Department Purchase Order
    If you are creating Department Purchase Orders for future use or for others to use, make your best guess as to amount and approve the invoice when it is created. It is not necessary to know the exact amount of the order before approving -- your best guess is sufficient, from $1 to the Department Purchase Order maximum. Invoices up to the Department Purchase Order maximum that are matched to the approved Department Purchase Order will be scheduled for payment, regardless of any discrepancy between the amount on the Department Purchase Order and the amount on the invoice. Since our terms for supplier payment are net 30, you will have ample time to review these invoices before they are paid.

Placing the Order

  • Department Purchase Orders must be approved at the time the order is placed. If the order is being placed by someone other than the PO Purchaser on the Department Purchase Order, the Department Purchase Order should be approved prior to giving the Department Purchase Order number to the person placing the order. If you do not know the exact amount of the order at the time it is approved, any amount within the Department Purchase Order limit will do.
  • If possible, it is best to have the Department Purchase Order open while placing the order, to ensure that the order corresponds as closely as possible to the Department Purchase Order.
  • If the PO Purchaser is not the person placing the order, the PO Purchaser is responsible for ensuring that all instructions in this section are carried out by the person placing the order, and for correcting the Department Purchase Order after the order is placed as needed to ensure that the invoice can be matched to the Department Purchase Order and scheduled for payment immediately upon receipt in Procurement Services.
  • You must supply the vendor with the PO Number from the Department Purchase Order you created. Please also emphasize to the vendor that the invoice must be sent to Procurement Services - Accounts Payablepopup and must reference this PO Number if it is to be paid.
  • If you had to add your vendor to the Integrated System Supplier List, be sure to inform the vendor at this time that they must register with Procurement and Supplier Diversity Services to be paid, referring them to Information for Vendors on this website.
  • The departmental user is responsible for ensuring that the vendor is aware that by accepting an order, the vendor is accepting the terms and conditions of the Department Purchase Order. If you cannot forward a hard copy of the terms and conditions to the vendor, you must confirm that the vendor has access to this web site and provide them with the following URL:

Printing a Department Purchase Order

A "plain paper" Department Purchase Order may be printed in the Integrated System application by requesting the report "UVA Department Purchase Order" per your Integrated System training. Some tips:

  • Remember to provide beginning and ending PO Numbers when requesting the report, even if you are printing only one Department Purchase Order -- otherwise you may inadvertantly print a LOT of them.
  • You may change "Copies" from 0 to 1 (or more) in "Completion Options" from your "Requests" screen, designate any printer in your area that is registered to the Integrated System as the target printer, and print a hard copy.
  • You may also run the report request without changing "Copies" and without designating a printer, and view the output in your browser, using the browser's print function to print the paper copy.

Supplements and Invoice Corrections

  • If review of your invoice copies for Department Purchase Orders shows that an invoice needs to be corrected prior to payment, use the Invoice Correction Form to advise Procurement Services as soon as possible.
  • A Department Purchase Order may be supplemented up to $9,999.99 by modifying the order in the Integrated System application, per your Integrated System training. The order will then route for approval again as appropriate.
  • The Integrated System will not prevent a user from altering a PO entered by another user, even one entered by a buyer in Procurement and Supplier Diversity Services. An approved PO will be re-routed for approval if altered, but users should excercise extreme caution to avoid altering another user's PO by accident.