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Invoicing and Payments

Vendors can now access invoice payment status as far back as 90 days using the Taxpayer Identification Number on the Vendor Invoice/Payment Status Lookup page.

An invoice must reference the correct 7-digit Purchase Order Number to be paid.

This number must be clearly marked on the invoice, and on all related documentation and correspondence. Invoices without Purchase Order numbers received in Accounts Payable will be discarded without contacting the vendor, and without payment.

All invoices for Purchase Orders and Department Purchase Orders must be sent to Procurement Services - Accounts Payablepopup


 These invoices cannot be paid if sent to any other area of the University.


All invoices for goods and services ordered by University departments without a Purchase Order or Department Purchase Order must be sent directly to the individual placing the order. These invoices must be eligible for processing as demand payments. Since there is no associated PO or Department Purchase Order, invoices for these purchases cannot be identified or processed if sent to Procurement & Supplier Diversity Services(PSDS) -- Accounts Payable.

Vendors must be registered with the University of Virginia in order to be paid.

To Ensure Prompt and Accurate Payment

  • Payments will be made from original invoices only. Payments will be made from original invoices and emailed copies.
  • Invoice line items on the invoice must match, line for line, items shown on the University's purchase order. If there are any unit price or quantity variances from the line item on the PO, payment may be delayed.
  • Unless prearranged by the PSDS, all payments will be paid based on the terms associated with a vendor from the date the goods were received by the ordering department, or from the date a valid original invoice is received in PSDS, whichever is later.
  • For questions regarding specific invoices or payments, you may speak with an Accounts Payable Specialist by calling (434) 924-4212. When calling, please have the University's PO Number available.

For general information regarding invoices and payments, please contact our Customer Service Representativepopup