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Invoice Copies

Negative Confirmation By Departments

Since departments will not receive paper copies of these invoices to use for negative confirmation, slightly different procedures must be used:

  • Rather than a paper invoice copy through Messenger Mail, Purchasing Unit Contacts will receive an email notification when the system has received and matched an invoice for their Purchasing Unit on the previous business day.
  • The email will provide a link to an Invoice Lookup with search functionality for locating all invoices for the Purchasing Unit, going back 90 days.
    • The Review allows users to drill down on an invoice number to see invoice detail, including matched PO line information and payment terms.
    • This invoice detail is formatted for printing, if a paper copy is needed.
    • The search can be refined to show only invoices for a particular Delivery Location Code (DLC), purchaser, or date range.
  • The Purchasing Unit Contact is responsible for ensuring that these invoices are reviewed to confirm that they should be paid, just as if a paper copy of the invoice had been sent.
    • If for any reason, an invoice that is not on hold should not be paid as is, the department must notify Procurement Services immediately by submitting an Invoice Correction Form.
    • Otherwise, the invoice will consider confirmed for payment by the department and will be automatically paid based on the payment terms indicated.
  • When an invoice is on hold, all normal procedures relating to held invoices should be followed.
  • If needed, invoices can be viewed and acted upon in core Integrated System just as any other invoice. Voucher numbers for electronic invoices will begin with 'ELC'

Printing Invoices

Departments are encouraged to develop internal procedures that do not require paper copies of invoices, as the invoice in the Integrated System is the document of record. However, if paper invoices are considered necessary, there are options for printing invoices:

  • Drill down and print from the Invoice Lookup web application for 90 days after receipt of notification.
  • Print from the Integrated System at any time, using the UVA Payment Voucher/Invoice Report.


  • On the IS.PO_PO or Inv Distribution Detail or the IS.FM_Expenditure Detail reports for monthly reconciliation, Voucher Numbers for electronic invoices will begin with ‘ELC’.
  • This will indicate to reconcilers and auditors that the invoice is stored electronically within the system and no paper copy is required in the reconciliation paperwork.