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SBSD SWAM Vendor Search

This page offers a search of Minority/Woman-Owned or Small businesses that have been certified by the Virginia Department of Small Business and Supplier Diversity (SBSD). At this time, our database is updated from SBSD files weekly, and very recently certified vendors may not appear in the search. If you want an absolutely current-to-the-minute search, you will need to use the one on the SBSD website


Vendor Name: Include Small vendors
Show only UVA registered vendors

Vendor names from DMBE may not be exactly the same as Oracle Integrated System names, so you will probably want to search for only a part of the name -- the part most likely to be the same in both places.

'Vendor Name begins' search is more refined, if you think you know how the name begins.

'Vendor Name contains' search will work with any part of the vendor name. It can yield unexpected results, but helps when you are not certain how the name begins.