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eVA DMBE Contract Vendor Search

This search returns only UVA Integrated System vendors that:
  • Have eVA registered ordering locations (sites) or are eVA-excluded or
  • Are DMBE Certified or
  • Are Contract vendors.
If an Integrated System vendor does NOT show up in this search, it has NONE of the above, and:
  • UVA departments will pay the vendor eVA fee of 1% in addition to the agency eVA fee of 1% for non-EVA-exempt purchases
  • Documentation of DMBE-Minority-Woman_Owned quotes is required in department
  • Non-contract departmental purchasing limits will apply

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Note: Vendors may be "eVA Excluded" for a number of reasons - excluded vendor type, covered by standing order, excluded by DPS, etc. In all cases there is no eVA fee for any purchase from an eVA Excluded vendor.