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Contract Summary Sheet

Commodity: Vehicle Rental Services
Contract Number: XZ21009 Effective Date: 04/23/2008 - 07/01/2016
Supplier #:
Address: 1650 Seminole Trail or 392 Pantops Center
Charlottesville, VA 22901

Contact: Josh Ott (Seminole); Mike Herndon (Pantops), Ryan McKillip (Area Manager), or Chris Pennant (Corporate) Phone: (434) 974-7488 (Seminole) or (434) 979-5566 (Pantops) Fax: (434) 974-9918 E-Mail: , , or ryan.p.mck
Phone: (434) 974-7488 (Seminole) or (434) 979-5566 (Pantops)
Fax: (434) 974-9918
E-Mail:,; or
Publicly Accessible: Yes        

Contract Information:

This vendor must be paid with the University’s P-card. No other method of payment is allowed.

If you've lost your car rental receipt, click here: go to their website. Enter your information and hit search. The records are available online for six months, beginning 48 hours after returning the vehicle.

Enterprise will provide local and non local vehicle rental services consisting of cars, trucks and vans.

  • One way (within Virginia only, excluding Northern Virginia) and round trip vehicle rental nationwide
  • Unlimited mileage for all rental vehicles per rental transaction up to 3,000 miles
  • Pick up vehicles from the University building location at no additional charge with minimal notice and a reservation.
  • Hybrid vehicles when available.
  • Accept drivers 21 years and older with valid drivers license.
  • Waive all cancellation fees on all vehicle classes except 12 passenger van rentals. Twelve passenger van rentals require a 48 hour notice of cancellation or a $50.00 fee will be charged at all locations.
  • Reservations may be made on-line through web site. or by calling (800) 736-8222 and using customer code XZ21009.
  • **The University's P-card or personal credit card must be used to make a reservation. Payment via the Purchase Order process is no longer available.
  • All University employees can enroll in Enterprise Plus for free. There are many benefits to joining this program. To do so click here
  • For all reservations outside of Virginia, the name on the P-card or credit card must match that of the renter and the renter must have that credit card with them at the time of the rental.
  • For non-airport Enterprise locations with phone prompts, please press * to be transferred to branch personnel.

NOTE: All vehicles will be full of fuel at time of pick up or delivery. Vehicles less than full should not be accepted by the University traveler.

The following chart applies to all rentals in Virginia except for the Northern Virginia area:

Local Base Rental Rates through 01/01/2014 - 12/31/15

Damage Waiver will be added to all rentals as a $5/day fee
Vehicle Class Daily Rate
Compact $28.77
Intermediate $30.79
Standard $32.81
Full Size $33.82
Minivan $59.65
Pickup $51.49
Specialty/SUV $59.65
12 Passenger $80.03
Weekly rate is six times the daily rate and Monthly rate is 24 time daily rate
Local Base Rental Rates for Commercial Trucks through 12/31/13 - 12/31/15
Damage Waiver not included
Vehicle Class Daily Weekly Cents/Mile
C3/4 ton Cargo Van $76.50 $459.00 $150/day; $750/week; $0.17 thereafter
Pickup Truck (4 x 4, Heavy Duty $76.50 $459.00 $150/day; $750/week; $0.17 thereafter
14'/15' Cutaway Truck $66.50 $399.00 $0.17
16' Box Truck $70.50 $423.00 $0.17
24' Box Truck $80.50 $483.00 $0.17
26' Box Truck $85.50 $513.00 $0.17
14'-16' Stake Bed $75.50 $453.00 $0.17
20' - 24' Stake Bed $90.50 $543.00 $0.17

Enterprise Rent A Car Nationwide Rates including Northern Virginia

Base Rental Rates 1/1/14 - 12/31/15

Vehicle Class

Daily Rate

Damage Waiver



Included in Daily Rate



Included in Daily Rate



Included in Daily Rate

Full Size


Included in Daily Rate



Included in Daily Rate



Included in Daily Rate

Specialty/ Regular SUV


Included in Daily Rate

12 Passenger /Large SUV


Included in Daily Rate

Driver Protection Products: Damage Waiver: Included in Base Rental Rates

Liability: There is no Supplemental Liability Protection included in the Base Rental Rates.

Pricing for Commercial Trucks excludes mileage charges, surcharges, fuel, Supplemental Liability Protection, Damage Waiver and optional products.

Enterprise Nationwide Rates including Northern Virginia.

Base Rental Rates 01/01/11 through 01/01/15
Enterprise Local Agreement; Local Amendment 001; Local Amendment 002;
Local Amendment 003; Local Amendment 004; Local Amendment 005;
Local Amendment 006, and  Local Amendment 007, Amendment 008

Enterprise National Agreement; National Amendment 001; National Amendment 003; Enterprise National Amendment 004; Enterprise National 005 and Enterprise National 006


Departments must use the University's Purchasing card for local rentals. For non local rentals, the University's Travel Card or personal card must be used. Go to the Auto Rental web site for additional information.

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