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Contract Summary Sheet


The Supply Room Companies

Woman Owned Business Publicly Accessible Contract Marketplace
Commodity: Office Supplies & Toner Cartridges
Contract Number: UVA1507501 Effective Date: 08/07/2014 - 08/06/2024
Supplier #: 9392
Vendor: The Supply Room Companies
Address: PO Box 1810
Ashland, VA 23005

Contact: Dutch Jones
Phone: (804) 412-2748
Fax: (804) 412-1313
Publicly Accessible: Yes        

Contract Information:

The Supply Room Companies (TSRC) is the sole provider of office supplies to the University and its UVa Marketplace catalog is the primary method for procuring office supplies. Effective September 1, 2014, the University will purchase all common office supplies (e.g. toner, paper, binders, and file folders) from The Supply Room.  

TSRC Strategic Sourcing of Office Supplies Fact Sheet

Customer Service Representatives:

Territory:        Shelby Haigh
                    (434) 979 - 3392

Customer Service


Internal Sales: Special Requests

Ron Lindsey

See Contracted Discount Rates:

                Best Value List

                Non – Core Category Discount

                Coffee and Water Breakroom Service Overview

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Supplier Relationship Management

Current Supplier Scorecard

Supplier relationship management: Building a vendor scorecard process

Building a vendor scorecard process: Guide and presentation




Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I realize the most savings within the Marketplace Catalog?

A: Significant savings may be found by purchasing items located within the “Best Value” list of items. A list of these items are found through the Contracted Discount Rates hyperlink above or within the TSRC Marketplace Catalog under “Featured Items, “ “Laundry Lists,” “Office Essentials,” “Best Value.”

These items are also indicated with the Best Value icon within the Marketplace Catalog. 

Q: I have found a lower price on an item through an office supply provider such as Staples or OfficeMax, will TSRC price match this item?

A: Contact TSRC’s customer service with the SKU number or vendor and price information (such as, a screen shot sent by email). TSRC will match the price of the identical item, recommend an alternate item, or approve purchase of the item through the alternate vendor.

Q: I am traveling, can I use my p-card or my personal credit card to purchase office supplies?

A: Yes. If you are traveling you may use your p-card or personal credit card (submit for reimbursement) for office supply purchases. These transactions will not be considered within the scope of this contract.

Q: Can I purchase office supply items at the local office supply store with my p-card or personal credit card?

A: The Supply Room Companies (TSRC) is the sole provider of common office supplies to the University (such as binders, paper, and toner) and its UVa Marketplace catalog is the primary method for procuring office supplies. Ordering office supplies through the TSRC’s Catalog saves processing costs for the University. TSRC has high performance standards which include same day delivery of office supplies from its local warehouse. Picking up office supplies locally increases cost of the transaction, consumes valuable time which could be used to accomplish more important tasks, and potentially causes the University to pay taxes it would otherwise be exempt from. Ordering of specialty items from other vendors is available if TSRC does not have a comparable item. PSDS will be tracking these transactions and reporting office supply p-card and reimbursement activity to the organization’s leadership.

Q: Can I purchase office supply items through a non-catalog item form with another office supply vendor within Marketplace?

A: Yes however, PSDS will be tracking these transactions and reporting office supply non-contract purchase activity to the organization’s leadership.

Q: I found a desk, chair, or other office furnishing online can I use my P-card to purchase?

A: Please contact The Supply Room Companies customer service and inquire as to if the same or similar item is available first.  Purchasing office furnishings online may not take into account that the item will require assembly or may be damaged in shipping. When purchasing these items from The Supply Room Companies you will have the option to have the item assembled prior to delivery for a maximum 9% fee and delivery is free. Please note that office furnishings are different from office furniture.  The University has multiple office furniture contract vendors; Furniture/Design Contract Vendors

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