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Policies and Resources

Here are some helpful links for Travel and Expense.



Policy FIN-004: Travel, Meals and Entertainment Expenses Incurred on Behalf of the University

Policy FIN-043: Managing Exports of Controlled Technology to Foreign Persons and Destinations in Support of Research and Scholarship

Policy FIN-044: Use of the University Travel and Expense Card

Policy FIN-039: Obtaining a Cash Advance

Travel Resources


About TravelUVA

Know Before You Go - a guide for helpful tips and reminders in preparation for travel.

Before You Book Online

TravelUVA/Concur Search Tips

Planning and Paying for Travel

Traveler's Rights - a document which gives general info about traveler's rights when traveling.

International Travel Guidance

Vehicle Rental


Per Diem Rate Guide

Arranging Travel and Paying Expenses for Travelers who are not academic employees

Ground Transportation



Expense Resources


About ExpenseUVA

Expense Job Aids (short pdfs explaining everything about ExpenseUVA)

Completing an Expense Report in ExpenseUVA

Known Issues with ExpenseUVA

Food Purchases at UVA

Arranging Travel and Paying Expenses for Travelers who are not academic employees

Determining whether companion expense meets bona fide business purpose criteria

Paying Research Participants (Human Subjects)

What Expenditure Types Go with Which Expense Tiles?

Fiscal Approver  "What to Look For" Checklist

Tips to Ensure Receipts are Interpreted Correctly by Chrome River

Chrome River Approval Routing diagram

Roles and Responsibilities and Delegation Options

Saving ExpenseUVA as a Favorite in Internet Explorer

How to Determine Expenditure Type Restriction by Project

How to Log into ExpenseUVA and Expense T&E Card Transactions (requires Netbadge)

Travel and Expense Card Resources


About the UVA Travel and Expense Card Program

Bank of America Resources

Travel and Expense Card and ExpenseUVA

Restricted Purchases

Active Cardholder Search

Using the Travel and Expense Card

University Travel and Expense Card Training