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State Purchasing Card Program

The State Purchasing Card Program was established to provide a more efficient, cost-effective method of buying and paying for eVa exempt small dollar transactions. The Purchasing Card Programs enables cardholders to make authorized purchases directly from a vendor.  It is a corporate liability VISA purchasing card (Pcard), governed by the Commonwealth of Virginia. It can be used with any fund sources.  The Pcard can never be used to circumvent purchasing and payment policies.


What You Can Purchase

  • Required and recommended purchases are detailed on the University of Virginia Pcard Programs webpage.
  • Catering/Business Meals: While use of America To Go's Marketplace Punchout Catalog is the University's preferred methodology for Charlottesville-area catering transactions, catering/business meals can be purchased from a caterer, not a restaurant, with a P-Card (with business meals to follow the Business Meal policy
  • Alcohol – Local Funds Only - With the appropriate Supervisor’s approval alcohol for business meal consumption may be purchased.  
    • Alcohol consumed with a meal, where the cost of the alcohol exceeds the cost of the food, requires the approval of the Dean or Vice President.
    • Information on circumstances under which alcohol may be served at the University is published in Policy VII.F.3, "Sale of Alcoholic Beverages".
  • See the Travel Basics page. When using the Pcard for travel expenses and also seeking reimbursement for expenses paid with personal funds, please include your Travel Reimbursement Payment Voucher number with your Pcard documentation for audit purposes.
  • Review the Goods & Services Guide to see other transactions allowed on the State Pcard.
  • Conference Registration
  • Air and Rail Tickets.  The Purchasing Card Administrator can temporarily raise your spending limits, if necessary, to purchase air or rail tickets, if you submit the Pcard Change Request form with all requested information.
  • First night lodging deposit when required by the hotel. The Purchasing Card Administrator can temporarily remove the lodging restriction for first night deposit, if you submit the Pcard Change Request form “Lift Hotel Restriction (First Night Lodging Only)” with all requested information. Please note this is a prepayment to the hotel.
  • Car rentals and gasoline for rentals. The car rental industry requires the driver's name to match the name on the credit card used for payment.  If the traveler has a University Pcard they can pay for the reservation with their Pcard.  Otherwise, the Pcard can only be used to reserve the rental. The traveler will need to use their personal credit card and seek reimbursement. The exception to this restriction is for local (Charlottesville) vehicle rentals.  The two contract vendors – Enterprise and Hertz, Charlottesville-only locations – have agreed to allow renters/drivers to use the Pcards of their central administrators.
  • Gasoline for University owned vehicles
  • Tolls
  • Parking

Using the Pcard with Local Contract Hotels

The Pcard must be used for payment with the University's contracted local area hotels. For a current list of local contract hotels please click here.  This list will be updated as new contracts are established.   The chart below list the allowable and restricted purchases that the hotels has agreed to enforce.  In addition, the contracted hotels have agreed to provide a detailed receipt to the cardholder and the University's Pcard Administrator within 48 hours of the guest checking out.  Cardholders are responsible for reviewing the receipt and resolving any unapproved charges.

Pcard payment for services with the local contract hotels requires removal of the lodging restriction; additionally, Pcard limits may need to be increased to pay for conference services.  Both of these steps can be completed by submitting a Purchasing Card Change Request (  

 For a current list of the local contract hotels you can use your pcard with please click here.


Room and tax

Alcohol Meeting/conference room space and tax

Internet access fees


AV equipment and services
Parking Movies Food and tax (including alcohol for conference events)
Security/Safe fees Minibar Service fees
Food and tax Spa Services Attrition and/or cancelation fees
Resort fees Anything personal in nature  


How to Get a State Pcard

Detailed instructions on how to get a State funds pcard can be found on the University Purchasing Card Programs webpage.